GoVisually Review: Comparison with Approval Studio

How ya goin, mate?

Nah, that’s not what ya think, I haven’t lost any keys from my keyboard –it’s just this cool Australian accent I’m trying to mimic here. 

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GoProof Review: Comparison with Approval Studio

Howdy, folks! We continue our series of comparison articles, and in this one, we’re about to discuss cloud-based design proofing tool GoProof and compare it to Approval Studio. Features, cost, benefits, drawbacks – I tried to compile everything and create as objective and honest review as possible. Read more

How to Manage a Creative Team Without Limiting Their Freedom

It is always challenging to deal with creatives — the chaotic, out-of-the-box thinkers who often look down on management for restricting their imagination. Creativity and fresh perspectives are extremely sought after in the modern business landscape. Ironically, they are also a roadblock when it comes to successful management. Read more

10 Common mistakes in graphic designs [solved]

We know how to solve the most common design issues and want to share our solution with you. 10 easy steps, simple to follow, that will improve your design project speed and quality. 7 of 10 are obvious, but for some reason usually ignored. Are you sure that you are not one of those people ignoring the obvious solutions? Let’s check. Read more

Approval Studio Release Notes

The new version of Approval Studio is online!

Guess what!

A new version of Approval Studio is available.

This time we added German language, so you can set your interface language to English, Deutsch, Polish, Ukrainian. More languages to come in the next releases.

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Top 10 Project Management Software for 2019

Project management is the very thing that organizes and manages creativity and helps run fresh ideas. That might catch you by surprise, and I would totally understand it – many people look a bit perplexed when I tell them creativity is something that can be managed. Then the question rings: “How can you possibly do that?” Read more


I think you agree that it is complicated for a designer to keep everything in order. Moreover, the productivity level straightforwardly depends on it. 

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12 issues of creative team management

Creativity has never been a simple thing to manage. In fact, it is a big enough question of whether you can manage it at all. Read more

Approval Studio Release Notes

The new version of Approval Studio has been released on 07/30/2019!


The new version of Approval Studio has been released on 07/30/2019!

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Coca-Cola vs Pepsi: The Soda Logo War

American culture is very diverse and has many different symbolic, even iconic elements. A big part of this symbolism is created by numerous brands that are glued to the very image of the US forever. McDonald’s, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Mastercard, Amazon and many others are only a small part of a crazy-long list. Read more

10 Major trends in graphic design

We decided to take a look at what’s trending in the design sphere this year. Are you sure that your team is following those?

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5 must-haves of successful project management. Checklist

What differs a good project manager from a bad one? The answer is the level of involvement. Read more