Release Notes: April 2021

April update is online!

Last month we focused on adding the new functionality to Approval Studio – we introduced the Barcode reader and the Spellchecker features. This month we decided to work a bit on cosmetic changes of Approval Studio Lite.

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Release Notes: March 2021

Please welcome the first Approval Studio update of Spring 2021.

This March, we introduce two new features available in Lite and Pro packages. This release is totally inspired by our users, who sent us requests and suggestions on what else they would want to have in Approval Studio.

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Release Notes: January 2021

The new version of Approval Studio is online! This is the first release of 2021, and we decided to concentrate on making things better in this version.

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Release Notes: December 2020

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Approval Studio team. We want to thank you for being with us in 2020 and hope to continue working with you in the new year!

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PDF JPG Converter Banner

Meet Approval Studio PDF to JPG Converter

People work with various file formats, and there is no better or worse one – they are just all different, nothing more. Yet, sometimes it happens that you need this or that specific format and need it right at the very moment. Not all file readers have the option to change the extension (or it has to be paid for), so this is where online file converters come to your aid.

By far, the most popular extensions that are widely used in practically all spheres of work with electronic documents are PDF and JPG. No wonder that it is the most searched converting pair on the Internet. Sometimes, you just need separate pages or pictures, not the whole file, and that might become a bit of a problem – but not with the Approval Studio file converter!

Most PDF to JPG converters you can find on the web can be a bit tricky – they will downgrade the quality of the file, stamp it with some sort of a watermark, make you watch some ads before you can get your file back, download some malware, and etc. Since we value your time, Approval Studio PDF to JPG converter will not do any of those things – all you have to do to convert your file is to follow some simple instructions:

  1. Browse or drag-and-drop your PDF file to upload it.
  2. Enter your email address so that the system could send it right to you.
  3. Click the link that has arrived to your inbox and download your high-quality JPG.

No ads, no watermarks, no registration, no additional software downloads. Our file converter is always as convenient and as fast as it gets on the Internet – and also absolutely free.

Release Notes: November 2020

November Approval Studio update is online!

While you are getting ready for the Black Friday, the new version of Approval Studio was delivered to you for free! Although, if you want a discount for your new subscription, just contact our support team with a promo-code “AndrewSaysDiscount.”

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Release Notes: October 2020

Good news, ladies and gentleman! Today, Approval Studio was upgraded to a new version! Among the minor fixes, this release brings a huge addition to the supported file formats by our review tool.

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Release Notes: September 2020

Hi everyone! A new version of Approval Studio is online! Usually, we enumerate all the new changes we bring with the release, but not this time.

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Release Notes: August 2020


The new version of Approval Studio is online. The August release is rather small, but it’s just the beginning of the new integrations phase.

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Release Notes: July 2020

Hello. The new version of Approval Studio is online!

This time we paid special attention to the user interface and decided to improve Approval Studio design. We focused on the simplicity and comfort of use that is quite essential in UI. New login screen, new project pop-ups, new icons – we hope you like the new look!

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Release Notes: May 2020

Cheers! The new version of Approval Studio is online!

This time we prepared for you something special – something you’ve been requesting for a long time!

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Release Notes: April 2020

Congrats, the new version of Approval Studio is online! Traditionally, we have prepared some new features for you.

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Release Notes: March 2020

While the whole world is moving towards remote working, Approval Studio team keeps improving our remote collaboration tool to streamline your approval process.

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Approval Studio is free for medical companies and NGO’s during COVID-19 pandemic

With Coronavirus spreading the world, quarantine is being imposed by more and more countries day by day. At the same time, lots of companies have already decided to move to a WFH (work from home) system that allows their employees to stay away from potentially unsafe contacts still keeping the business up.

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Release Notes: February 2020, Part 2


The new version of Approval Studio is online! This release is wholly built on your requests.

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Release Notes: February 2020, Part 1

Congratulations! The first major Approval Studio upgrade of 2020 has been released!

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Release Notes: January 2020

Hello and Happy New Year to you all! We truly hope you had a wonderful holiday and had enough rest. In the meantime, we’ve prepared a new version of our tool for you that cointains the new interface language – French.

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Release Notes: December 2019

Hello and please welcome the new interface theme called “Color burst” that brings holiday spirit to Approval Studio. Christmas is just around the corner so here’s our small present to you!

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Release Notes: November 2019

We keep on adding UI languages to our review tool and this time, due to help of our influencers we added Hebrew interface to Approval Studio. Many thanks to Approval Studio users from Israel, you are breathtaking!

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Approval Studio Scholarship

Approval Studio Scholarship Program

Approval Studio is a young startup aimed to make the lives of creative people easier.

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Release Notes: October 2019

Traditionally, every new release brings new interesting features and bug fixes.

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