Approve your visualizations efficiently with a tool you can count on

One of the pillars of the architectural design process in today’s environment is visualization, therefore having reliable client approval software on hand is essential for success. Proof architecture visualizations in the most effective way with Approval Studio!

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Improve your proofing workflow for architecture designs

Approval Studio is the only tool you need for artwork approval. Ensure assets are of the best quality, review and update them, compare versions, and control all company’s projects within one product.

Use instruments

As versatile as possible, Approval Studio offers multiple ways to adjust the approval process to your unique requirements. Approval Studio allows you to tailor the usage of its features yourself to meet whatever process you choose.

Reference files

Use the proof tool to upload reference files in a variety of formats. The reference space provides an easy way to keep and organize all customer information, including the architecture brief and requirements, in one place. As the project develops, monitor who posted those files and submit requests for new ones.

External review

Allow users who are not part of your team to annotate the PDF of your project. Customers don’t need to log in to request changes and make all the necessary on screen annotations. Make the project as comfortable to review as possible with customizable email notifications for external review.


Make checklists to guarantee top performance on the review. Verify the precise sections that each one reviewed and approved to increase responsibility. Trust that clients or organizations have approved all the necessary assets and that forgetfulness will never cause an issue.

Live proofing

Take part in real-time conversations about everything that must be discussed to achieve your objectives. See others’ comments and react to them using the comment section the second after they were published. The proof tool is live, and updates just as quickly as your favorite messenger.

Maintain high

Ensure that the accuracy and appeal of your visualizations are constantly on point.

Keep track of the

Use online proofing software by Approval Studio to verify that everything on your design layout gets checked and approved.

Make each design
your fines

Enjoy the results of the fast and efficient workflow without any dragging and complications.

Let us care about the approval
while you make the most incredible visualizations.

— Approval studio team