Project & Vision

Approval Studio is an online proofing tool that streamlines the approval process of graphic files. Having worked on different projects for years, we decided to create something of our own that would help creative teams – both big and small – improve their design review workflow. 

Our Goals & Values

Our mission is to set a seamless collaboration between your creative team and your clients.

— Approval Studio Team

We wanted to develop a tool that would turn mundane review tasks into a simple and coordinated process, leaving more time for creatives actually to create.


We work closely with our clients and gather feedback from all branches of the industry – from branding and packaging to digital media – to understand better what our users need.


The vast majority of our newly introduced features are requested by our existing customers that help us to draw more users from their spheres, as we already have the tools that are vital for them.

We see ourselves as an Adaptive, Driven, Efficient, and Progressive Team.

How are we different?

We are driven by the idea to create a product that perfectly fits the needs of our users, something they create together with us. That helps our clients feel connected with the product we build.

Approval Studio team has a personal approach to every user, and it doesn’t matter if they pay $40 per month or $1000 and whether they are a single freelancer, small agency, or big international enterprise.

Apart from a standard upload-annotate-approve process, we offer many other mechanics to protect you from clients’ mistakes, ensure that nothing is missed, and integrate design review into the existing flow.

We have a modular system that allows users to select only the features that they need. While our competitors have a “fixed” product and follow a strict roadmap, we are very flexible with new functional additions.


Now that you know more about us, we’d love to hear from you and improve Approval Studio together as one team!