Create design review workflow with Zapier

Approval Studio is fully compatible with Zapier and allows you to set up your own design review process with 5,000+ apps.

Divide Your Work

Your workflow can be separated into logical steps.

Automate the Flow

Finishing one step will automatically trigger the next.

Use Multiple Apps

Connect Approval Studio to your favorite applications.

How does Approval Studio connect with Zapier?

Approval Studio has full integration with Zapier and

uses its API to set up your design review workflows. It connects to Zapier via Zapier webhooks and can set up a trigger to automatically perform your chosen action.

How does the integration work?

You can pick any action and any application available in Zapier catalog to integrate it with Approval Studio. If you’ve ever thought about how great it would be to integrate design proofing with Trello, Asana, or Google services, you’ve found your solution!  

How to create approval workflows with Zaps?

The created trigger-response patterns in Zapier apps can be used together to create workflow templates like this one between Approval Studio and Trello:

In our first Zap, we connect project creation in Approval Studio to a Trello card created in the “Upload Asset” list. The upload task is created automatically after.

When the upload is completed, our second Zap will automatically create a review asset task, and the card in Trello will move to the “Review Pending” list.

After the reviews are done and the project is completed, the third Zap will transfer our Trello card to the “Completed” list, and the proof report will be attached to it.

Connect to other apps via Zapier

Our Zapier API integration will allow you to automate your workflow and exchange information and project progress between the apps that you use to build your working process. No need to manually transfer data and waste time on this back-and-forth: let the software do all the heavy lifting for you!

Easy and fast integration via API

Build custom workflow templates

Quick & automated data exchange

Integrate with 5,000+ apps

Integrate design review and approval into your workflow.