ZiFlow vs Approval Studio
ZiFlow vs Approval Studio

Ziflow Review

Looking for Ziflow alternatives for creative teams? With the significant number of proofing software, it might be not that easy to find the best tool that would fit your needs, your production management process, and would help you deliver marketing results in a blink of an eye. We explore the features, pricing and compare Ziflow to Approval Studio to help you choose the right software for your business and finish projects faster.

What is Ziflow?

Ziflow themselves claim to be one of the pioneers of cloud-based digital proofing software for creatives and were founded in 2017 in the US. They implemented most of the features that are necessary for successful work with designs.

ZiFlow screenshot
Ziflow interface

Ziflow Features

  • All documents that need to be approved are uploaded into the “Proof List” in the dashboard table.
  • You can set up the permissions for any user you want to review the picture. These permissions are presented as checkboxes “View”, “Comment”, “Decision”, and “Manage”. You can also divide your proofing process into stages and invite external reviewers via email notification.
  • A review tool is capable of processing large-scale images.
  • Different annotation shapes that include square, circle, arrow, line, freehand drawing tool or text selection tool from the pop-up window. There is also a feature that allows making your comments private and visible only to reviewers in a certain stage.
  • Company proof managers are able to upload new versions. Version comparison is available within two modes: “Side by side” that allows you to check both versions yourself and “Pixel by pixel” that can highlight the differences between two versions in a colour of your choice.
  • Video proofing is also available with an ability to add time-coded annotations.
  • Auditing possibilities include an Activity log with different data sections for different product versions and a generated PDF-file with all comments and decisions made regarding a specific file and all its versions.
  • Ziflow pricing starts with $9 dollars per user/month for Basic version if paid annually and grows up to $54 user/month for Enterprise version with $18 Starter and $36 Business packages in between. Pay attention that you must have at least 5 users.

The Pros and Cons of Ziflow

  • Pros: convenient interface, flexible user management, a wide range of annotation shapes, video proofing.
  • Cons: lack of compare modes, no online communication or integrations, limited number of reviews per user.

Ziflow vs Approval Studio: comparison table

Target marketSmall to enterprise businessesSmall to enterprise businesses
Interface intuitiveness8/109/10
Kanban boardsNoYes
Online communication in Proof ToolNoYes
Video proofingYesNo
Annotation shapes64
Compare modes24
AuditingActivity log / downloadable PDF-file with all commentsProject history / downloadable PDF-project report for a customer
App languagesENEN, DE, PL, UA, and ES coming soon
Trial / free version14 days, no credit card14 days, no credit card / free 6-month offer for influencers
Price monthly$50 per 5 users per month$40 per 5 users per month
Price annually$45 per 5 users per month$30 per 5 users per month
Number of reviews per user/month25Unlimited
Capterra rating4.5/5 based on 19 reviews5/5 based on 6 reviews
G2Crowd rating4.9/5 based on 5 reviews5/5 based on 13 reviews

Why choose Approval Studio?

Approval Studio is a collaborative tool that streamlines the review and approval of creative content and has a number of significant differences in comparison with Ziflow. They are evident from the very moment you log in to the system.

Approval Studio screenshot
Approval Studio dashboard
  • Approval Studio uses the concept of Kanban-style dashboard. It is a bit more visual and simpler as opposed to Proof List provided by Ziflow and helps to improve collaboration.
  • Whenever you create a user, you can grant them admin or regular user rights. If you need an external user to review the file, you can invite them either via email or using a quick link – very convenient in terms of teamwork when you have several reviewers to share the link with. External users DO NOT need to create Approval Studio accounts. 
  • Our Review Tool has a perfect zoom that does not reduce the quality of the image which is extremely important in graphic design proofing.
  • The reviewers can chat online directly in the review tool without any need to refresh the page, while Ziflow gives you a possibility to reply to the annotations that were left before you opened the review tool.
  • Approval Studio offers 4 different annotation shapes – point, circle, square, and a free form. You can attach one annotation to two similar issues in different places of the artwork. Also, your annotations can be hidden from all external reviewers regardless of an iteration.
  • Both tools support automated file versioning, so the users can upload a new version of an existing asset. Approval Studio, in addition,  provides 4 regimes of Compare mode – “Side by side” with two panels for each iteration, “Fader” for a dynamic shift between versions, “Difference” that will show only the changes applied, and “Toggle” switching from one iteration to another. It is simply impossible not to notice a change if there is one!
  • For auditing purposes, our users can check Project History not only with comments and verdicts but also with ALL the actions completed within the project from project creation to a change request. Also, it is possible to generate a full report if you need to provide certain documentation for your client. Important note: all hidden comments are not shown in this report.
  • A cost of Approval Studio service is set at $30 for 5 users per month if paid annually, which basically makes it $5 dollars for a user. Our Pro offer provides a package of $240 for 15 users per month, which makes it $16 per user. Our pricing probably makes us the cheapest among all Ziflow competitors without any quality loss.

Final Thoughts

Approval Studio team works hard to provide the best proofing experience available at the market. Are we the best Ziflow alternative for online proofing? We leave it for you to decide. Which features do we lack and how can we improve? We hope to get your feedback in exchange for 6 months of free influencer program.

We are waiting for you. Remember that we also offer a free personal demo if want to get to know our tool better!

Matthew Roberts

Matthew Roberts

A guy with wide spheres of interest — from project management to board games and to spicy guitar riffs. Has a solid experience in marketing, creative team management, translation, teaching, and occasional freelancing masochism. Big and bald.
Matthew Roberts

Matthew Roberts

A guy with wide spheres of interest — from project management to board games and to spicy guitar riffs. Has a solid experience in marketing, creative team management, translation, teaching, and occasional freelancing masochism. Big and bald.

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