Release Notes Christmas Approval Studio
Release Notes Christmas Approval Studio

Release Notes: December 2023

🚀 Exciting News: Approval Studio Unveils Latest 2023 Release! Greetings, Approval Studio community! We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of the latest version, and we’re wrapping up 2023 with a bang. As is tradition during the holiday season, we have a special gift for you – our incredible users.

🌟 Inspired by You: User-Driven Features

This release is a testament to the power of our community. Your invaluable input and ideas have fueled the enhancements in Approval Studio, and we can’t thank you enough. Let’s dive into the exciting additions that await you:

📁 Folder View for Pro Version Users

Say hello to Folder View, exclusively available to Pro version users! Now, you have the flexibility to create your own folder tree, allowing personalized project organization by client, product brand, or any criteria you choose. But it doesn’t stop there – Folder View also lets you define default project field meanings. Essentially, it’s like giving presets to your projects with pre-filled, specific fields. We can’t wait to see how you maximize the potential of Folder View, and your feedback is always welcome.

🎨 Custom Backgrounds: Elevate Your Branding

Exclusive to the Pro version, you can now set a custom background for external file uploads. Your positive feedback on client uploads was heard, and now you can personalize the experience further by showcasing your own logo as the background. The Branding settings now include options for both external file uploads and the review tool.

📧 Custom Email for Automatic Reviewer’s Updates

Tailor your communication with the newly introduced custom email feature for automatic reviewer updates. Customize the emails sent by Approval Studio when files are automatically sent for review with the latest asset version. Enhance your professional touch and keep your reviewers informed in a way that aligns with your brand.

🔄 Flexibility with Download Asset Feature

For added flexibility in your workflow, we’ve introduced a default switcher to the Download Asset feature. Now, you can define whether reviewers can download assets by default or not. This can be managed individually for each invitation, allowing you to control permissions based on specific circumstances. For instance, restrict high-resolution downloads until payment is received, and then activate the feature for specific clients.

🎉 And More…

While we won’t delve into every minor improvement, rest assured that Approval Studio has become even better, thanks to your contributions. Stay tuned for upcoming releases, as we have more exciting features and improvements in the pipeline.

📢 Your Feedback Matters!

We appreciate your ongoing support and encourage you to share your thoughts with us. Whether it’s suggestions, ideas, or feedback on the new features, we want to hear from you. Cheers to a fantastic journey with Approval Studio, and here’s to more innovation in the releases ahead!

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