GoVisually or Approval Studio? What proof tool to choose?

Online proofing tools are different. Pricing, features, service. So, as we are working in the niche, it was only logical to make a blog series aimed to help designers, creative managers, and marketers to make the right choice. This time we compare GoVisually and Approval Studio to help you understand what creative approval system fits your needs better.

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Christmas Present Wrapping Ideas in 2020

Well, well, well… holidays are coming! *Coca-Cola theme is playing in the background* I love this song and commercial, and, of course, I love to prepare Christmas presents for my nearest and dearest. And I absolutely love choosing a wrapping. Sometimes I even think of the wrapping than of the present itself – that’s a rather funny side effect of working at a design software company…

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Release Notes: December 2020

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Approval Studio team. We want to thank you for being with us in 2020 and hope to continue working with you in the new year!

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Creative Talks: Christmas Design Stories, Part II

Andy Williams was right – winter holiday season is truly the most wonderful time of the year. No wonder wonders happen all the time – you just need to stop wondering and pay attention. We decided to do so with a new edition of creative talks dedicated to Christmas and New Year.

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Creative Talks: Christmas Design Stories, Part I


Because Christmas is nearly here, we wanted to make this month’s Creative Talks as festive and heartwarming as a cup of freshly-made hot chocolate. And what can be better than some lovely Christmas stories and experiences? 

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Poor Christmas Designs Fixed With Approval Studio Proofing Tool


Christmas artwork workflow patrol’s here.

As the most wonderful time of the year is approaching and everybody is getting busy with choosing presents, decorating their Christmas trees, and standing beneath the mistletoe hoping for a kiss, allowed to sleep we are not. 

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Worst Branding Ideas of Prominent Brands

Sometimes I get really perplexed by some rookie mistakes made by big brands who rule the market for years. Well, what can I say –  even the greats have their bad days. This phrase may be a point of justification for the companies who have decades of experience in design or marketing but still are featured in our article today. 

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Top 5 Best Handwritten Fonts

Happy National Letter Writing Day!

Have you already written your Christmas letter to Santa? Remember, you’re never too old for that! Let us give you some inspiration with the compilation of the most stunning handwritten fonts!

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PDF JPG Converter Banner

Meet Approval Studio PDF to JPG Converter

People work with various file formats, and there is no better or worse one – they are just all different, nothing more. Yet, sometimes it happens that you need this or that specific format and need it right at the very moment. Not all file readers have the option to change the extension (or it has to be paid for), so this is where online file converters come to your aid.

By far, the most popular extensions that are widely used in practically all spheres of work with electronic documents are PDF and JPG. No wonder that it is the most searched converting pair on the Internet. Sometimes, you just need separate pages or pictures, not the whole file, and that might become a bit of a problem – but not with the Approval Studio file converter!

Most PDF to JPG converters you can find on the web can be a bit tricky – they will downgrade the quality of the file, stamp it with some sort of a watermark, make you watch some ads before you can get your file back, download some malware, and etc. Since we value your time, Approval Studio PDF to JPG converter will not do any of those things – all you have to do to convert your file is to follow some simple instructions:

  1. Browse or drag-and-drop your PDF file to upload it.
  2. Enter your email address so that the system could send it right to you.
  3. Click the link that has arrived to your inbox and download your high-quality JPG.

No ads, no watermarks, no registration, no additional software downloads. Our file converter is always as convenient and as fast as it gets on the Internet – and also absolutely free.

Release Notes: November 2020

November Approval Studio update is online!

While you are getting ready for the Black Friday, the new version of Approval Studio was delivered to you for free! Although, if you want a discount for your new subscription, just contact our support team with a promo-code “AndrewSaysDiscount.”

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Worst Color Combinations

Color is by far the most discussed topic in the creative industry. Yet it’s also quite controversial and vague. There are so many various theories that try to explain how it works, how to use it, what the associations and perfect combinations are.

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Why We Love Our Job: Great Stories From Creatives All Around The Globe Part II

Hello and welcome to the Part II of this month’s Creative Talks!

As I have already mentioned in Part I, appreciation is a healing activity and spreading your appreciation to others is also thought-provoking. What do I mean? Well, when I hear somebody saying how they love their job, it makes me think about my reasons for enjoying what I do.

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Fixing Terrible Halloween Designs with Approval Studio

As we get ready to go trick-or-treating in the evening, one thought is still bothering me: how come so many terrible designs make it to production? I mean, there are many really poor choices (that were obviously made by someone not really either competent or caring) that get to the public display and simply become memes. Why?

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Why We Love Our Job: Great Stories From Creatives All Around The Globe Part I

Guess who’s back? Creative Talks!

Lately, I’ve been very much into the whole “appreciate what you have” spirit, and it made me realize that it is very restorative to my mental health (what a surprise, I know). This got me thinking that sometimes people don’t recognize or even forget how fortunate they are to be working AND enjoying their job. Sadly, this is not always the case for all people. 

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Meet Microsoft Office in Approval Studio!

A few years ago, when launching Approval Studio, our main purpose was to create a perfect tool for reviewing images. PDF, PNG, TIFF, AI, JPEG – we concentrated on graphic files, targeting all kinds of spheres – design, labeling, packaging, architecture, pharma, food companies, etc.

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Release Notes: October 2020

Good news, ladies and gentleman! Today, Approval Studio was upgraded to a new version! Among the minor fixes, this release brings a huge addition to the supported file formats by our review tool.

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Solving 6 Terrible Design Crimes In Sherlock’s Style

Managing project budgets is one hell of a job. One must really be a visionary to calculate all the expenses – both time and financial ones. However, this is hardly the hardest part of collaboration: even despite the best preparation possible, most of the projects face some unpleasant circumstances that force them to go overboard and spend some extra. Especially if we talk about remote collaboration – finding good creative solutions is even harder in such circumstances.

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design myths

Busting Graphic Design Myths

Design is extremely variegated and variable. As they say –  so many men, so many minds. This is why I love design as much as all other creative spheres. The process of creation itself gives inspiration and motivation to work out something, and ideas can come to mind suddenly and in many different forms.

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Comic Book Workflow: How Are Comics Created?

Happy International Comics Day (which was on September 25th, we are late, we know)!

Anyways… what is the best way to celebrate than to show you a glimpse from behind the scenes (or should I say behind the panels) of comics creation?

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Who Stands Behind the Designs of Famous Logos?

Not so much time ago, I was walking around my block and noticed that there were many Apple retailers and small shops that were selling products of guys from Cupertino. And sudden thought came to my mind: “I do know Steve Jobs and Tim Cook, but I do not know who made the brand identity so recognizable. I doubt that Steve or Tim took the pencils and started drawing”. When I came home, I did some quick research and found out I was right.

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Release Notes: September 2020

Hi everyone! A new version of Approval Studio is online! Usually, we enumerate all the new changes we bring with the release, but not this time.

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