Improve design review process with our tools

Approval Studio has developed additional tools to make your design review and approval more flexible and convenient. We understand that switching from the existing workflow to a new design proofing process is a challenge, so we want to make that transition is as smooth as possible.

Adobe extension

Our official Adobe Creative Cloud Extension allows you to use Approval Studio right from Adobe products such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. It is a solution based on our API that aims to make your workflow smooth so that you can work with our design review tool right from your Adobe apps.

Create New Project

Our CC Extension will let you choose a project for your artwork or create a new one with all the necessary information.

Upload Artworks

After the project is ready, you can instantly upload your file to get design feedback in Approval Studio.

Track Progress

You can monitor project approvals/rejections, quickly get to the proofing tool and check tasks assigned to you.


Approval Studio’s design review API provides you with an opportunity to put a bridge between your everyday business tools and our online proofing software. Our API is a medium that will allow you to manage all Approval Studio processes without having to drastically change your usual workflow.

Quick Integration

Approval Studio API is quick and easy to set up and is a great addition to your existing workflow.

Flexible & Adaptable

Our public API can be used with any of your business software solutions for seamless integration.

Manage Approval Studio

All Approval Studio’s activities can be managed with our API commands including tasks.

PDF to JPG сonverter

Whenever you need to change your file format, finding a proper tool can be complicated. Approval Studio offers you a free PDF to JPG converter that requires no registration, leaves no watermarks, and keeps the quality of the original file.

Fast & Free Conversion

The converter does not require any subscription and is completely free. There are no ads or registration forms.

All Platforms Supported

The converter is supported on all platforms — PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Same As Original

The converter provides you with a file similar to the original — there are no watermarks or loss of quality.

Connect to other apps via Zapier

Our Zapier API integration will allow you to automate your workflow and exchange information and project progress between the apps that you use to build your working process. No need to manually transfer data and waste time on this back-and-forth: let the software do all the heavy lifting for you!

Divide Your Work

Your workflow can be separated into logical steps.

Automate the Flow

Finishing one step will automatically trigger the next.

Use Multiple Apps

Connect Approval Studio to your favorite applications.

We will be glad to hear your ideas, so do contact us if you have any. We enjoy working with our clients to deliver the features that you actually need in your design proofing process.

Smooth out your design collaboration with our toolset.