Use a trustworthy solution for pharma & medical design approval

Pharmaceutical design proofing is a vital and complicated type of review projects that must include dozens of iterations, revisions, and edits before the launch of the product. Approval Studio is a design collaboration software that will help you make sure that not even the tiniest detail of pharma labelling or packaging escapes your attention before you sign off the mockup.

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Build the approval process that you can trust

Medical design proofing, both for pharma packaging and medical device label requirements, goes through many review stages, each requiring the utmost attention and responsibility. With Approval Studio, you can set up user groups and go through the review phases step-by-step or in parallel to ensure the maximum quality of the product.

Use instruments

Our proofing system’s features are designed to enhance the review process for medical labelling and packaging as well as any supporting documents such as instructions for use or patient information leaflets. A diligent review of every detail will in turn secure approval from regulatory organs, the safety of patients and their health, as well as the long product lifecycle.

Tasks & review groups

Create groups and assign review tasks to all departments, from clinical research and legal compliance to packaging review and quality control. Set up team collaboration for professional medical artwork approval and be sure that your packaging and package inserts get properly reviewed for a timely launch.


For an even more detailed review and approval process, create a checklist for each task that you assign. Confirm that each department has accounted for every detail proofing your pharmaceutical label or medical device label and that not a single layout element goes unchecked.

Annotations &
version comparison

The reviewers can comment directly on the packaging artwork choosing from various shapes and colors to comment on areas that need the designer’s attention. After the edits are applied, verify the requested changes with 4 automated comparison modes that will highlight the differences between the design iterations.

Detailed reports

In addition to the full project timeline available at any moment, you can generate a PDF report on every project or asset, including all its versions, annotations, and time stamps for every comment made by the reviewers. Whether it is for internal retrospect or the client, the report will provide exhaustive information on every project cycle you have completed.

Set up diligent

Assign review and upload tasks for assets or reference files to your user groups covering all review parties involved.

Thorough medical
design review

Use online proofing software by Approval Studio to verify that everything on your design layout gets checked and approved.

Ensure your product’s longevity

With in-depth proofing of pharma packaging design and medical device labels, guarantee the quality of your product.

Establish a responsible
review process that accounts for every single detail.

— Approval studio team