Always ensure your product’s design is top-notch

Creating something from scratch can be both exciting and tedious. When you have your own production workflow, it is necessary to control numerous processes. Approval Studio can help a little — we got you covered with design collaboration software while you can concentrate on manufacturing itself.

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Examine the tiniest details of your product design

Manufacturing your new product and getting it into retail sales can be easier when the design is pre-approved by multiple parties and everyone is on the same page about how it should look. The product can be anything — from a Christmas postcard to a gift box design.

Use Approval Studio instruments

The versatility of Approval Studio is one of our best features, and we have experience working with the retail industry. We realize it is not always easy to make a live meeting with the whole creative team to approve or reject a new design, which can cause huge delays, excessive production waste, lost feedback, and many other issues. This is why we want to offer you much more workflow flexibility than you’ve had before.

Reviews between departments

Sending design approval emails from one person to another and collecting replies can become very chaotic, live meetings are not always possible, and design feedback might be unclear. To avoid that and make sure that marketing, sales, and design departments are all following the creative review, it’s much easier to send one invitation to each group of users and let Approval Studio do the rest.

We can adapt to your workflow

The processes differ from company to company, so our goal was to make Approval Studio simple to use in any environment. The main idea behind our online proofing tool is upload design > share it > get approve/reject decision > repeat if needed. This is the basic review and approval process that goes well with any workflow, and we are sure it will fit your process too.

Integration with anything

Approval Studio has its own public API for design review. We use it constantly for developing new integrations in public access, and if you want to add our creative project management software to your mix of tools, we can help you with that as well. Approval Studio is easy to integrate with any software of your choice, so if you need such integration — let us know!

Detailed proof reports

In addition to full project timeline for internal use, our users can generate a detailed PDF report on the project. This report with all tracked project updates, annotations, and versions can be used for internal analysis to account for any issues that appear and improve the online proofing workflow.

Collaborate with team & departments

Share mockups with various departments to gather design feedback and approve/reject decisions.

Adapt our review tool to your workflow

Make Approval Studio a part of your workflow without breaking the existing production stages.

Analyze your work & processes

Use project reports to see how your work progresses, find issues, and improve the flow in the future.

Make your production perfect with simple design review.

— Approval studio team