Proof your visual materials effortlessly before publishing

Online media such as news outlets, periodicals, magazines, and even social media blogs require precise attention to details in terms of visual content. The more visually appealing your weekly issue or daily post is, the better, and Approval Studio has some experience in helping teams to maintain top quality of their content.

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Provide the best for your readers and followers

Creating a layout for an exciting article, stunning infographic, or a breaking piece of news is not a simple task, and very often it faces unnecessary complications because of tight deadlines and problematic review and approval process. Ditch countless traditional emails or annoying messengers and get to try a new option you didn’t know existed.

Use Approval Studio instruments

Approval Studio’s main focus is versatility — not only in terms of our approach and features but also regarding the freedom and flexibility our online proofing tool gives to our clients. Reviewing magazine layout design, editors and designers often lack this freedom because of stress of the tight deadline and pending approval from many parties they need to get before printing. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Assign tasks to team members

Use our tasks feature to request your teammates or the whole user groups to upload reference files, mockups, or do the review. All information will be stored within the project you create, which is easily accessible to the project owner together with all the uploaded files, added comments, and the whole project timeline that shows who did what and when.

Get the best out of
review features

The main idea of the review tool is adding annotations directly to the mockup. Need to fix coloring, fonts, or misplaced layout elements? Add a comment to the artwork using our 5 annotation shapes for the designer to see exactly what needs to be fixed. Aside from that, review tool has lots to offer — from the spellchecker for spelling to the ruler for distance measuring.

Discuss designs in live format

When you have a big team of designers, writers, and editors, the whole production workflow drags while you run from one person to another to approve the visuals. It becomes tedious to collect and apply all the changes. Approval Studio lets you have online review sessions where you can see who’s in the review tool with you and see all annotations appearing live.

Repeat the cycles until
it’s perfect

Edits are collected, the artwork is fixed, and now you need to present a new iteration. Approval Studio enables you to upload it as a new cycle or request your designer to do it and keeps all previous versions and comments available. More so, now you can use our 4 auto-compare modes to highlight the applied changes!

Solve a problem you didn’t know you had

Most agencies consider long and stressful review process a norm, but it should not be like that — and we know how to fix it.

Review & collaborate with your team

Being a design collaboration software, Approval Studio aims to smooth out your workflow, making it faster and more efficient.

Less deadline anxiety, more focused work

With lessened pressure, it is miles easier to focus on actually delivering the quality content your readers will enjoy.

Make your creative
proofing process deserving of your front page.

— Approval studio team