Video Tutorials

Both for new and experienced users, we have created a series of 1-minute tutorial videos that can get you acquainted with main Approval Studio features, give you some tips, or remind you of the basic workflow patterns in case you’ve forgotten something.

Review Tool Basics

Here is the best place to start acquaintance with our design review system. These videos have answers to the question of what Approval Studio is and give an example of how to use it and its main functions in your design review process to improve your collaboration with clients and teammates.

Best Place to Start

Get to know more about online proofing tools and why they are important.

Basic Workflow

Learn how to use Approval Studio and its features in your design proofing workflow.

Brief & Detailed

Our tutorials are the fastest way to get the idea of a design review process.

Versioning & Management

Design proofing software is also helpful with tracking versions, monitoring project results with reports, and working as a whole creative team. On top of all that, Approval Studio has 4 unique comparison modes that will help you notice all the changes in your design review and approval process.

Versioning & Management

Compare versions

Upload new iterations and check all changes with our unique automatic compare modes.

Create Full Reports

Generate detailed PDF reports on whole projects or separate files and track project history.

Manage Users

Add or remove internal design review team members in your tenant at any time.

After checking our videos, don’t forget to start your free trial to get a hang of Approval Studio design proofing tool in action!

Additional Features

Approval Studio has multiple features to make online design proofing easier for its users. We support video among many other file formats, have and integration with Slack, official Adobe Creative Cloud integration, and a mobile-friendly version of our design review software.

Work in Slack Workspace

Learn how to add Approval Studio updates to a dedicated Slack channel in your working environment.

Use Additional Features

Check other design review features such as ruler, barcode scanner, eyedropper, spellchecker, and more.

Review from any Device

Proof videos easily and review artworks on the go using your mobile device or a tablet.

Pro Package

Our Pro plan is available for teams who not only need to concentrate on design review itself but also want to get a strong design project management software. This package includes task assignment, reference files, discussion tab, and Adobe Extension that integrates Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator directly into your design review.

Assign Tasks to Users

Get to know how to assign tasks to your teammates and create user groups to divide roles in your tenant.

Organize Your Workflow

Learn how to build perfect design review process with multiple new features that provide more project control.

Get More Possibilities

Use reference files, participate in discussions, integrate Adobe Apps into design review workflow, and more.

Learn Approval Studio and benefit from it in minutes.