Video Tutorials

Both for new and experienced users, we have created a series of 1-minute tutorial videos that can get you acquainted with main Approval Studio features, give you some tips, or remind you of the basic workflow patterns in case you’ve forgotten something.

These videos can be shared with your teammates or with your clients to give them a brief experience of what working in Approval Studio is like. We’ve divided our tutorials based on the functionality they present, starting with a general overview and continuing to a bit more detailed descriptions of how certain features work. Also, here you can find a video with a PRO plan overview that is covered in more detailed video tutorials on our YouTube channel.


How to start?

  • A general overview of what Approval Studio is.
  • Learn the review tool basics.
  • Short instruction to project creation and beginning of work.

File Sharing

  • More in-depth information about sharing your files with reviewers.
  • Share all project files at once or separately.
  • Email and short link sharing options.


  • Annotate areas of the mockup that require change.
  • 4 different annotation shapes.
  • Change colors, drag and resize your annotations to make approval more convenient.

Live chats

  • Communicate with your reviewers live without refreshing the page.
  • Reply to comments in chat-a-like discussions.
  • Have online review sessions with stakeholders.


  • Upload new versions of the same mockups.
  • Cycles update automatically.
  • All versions are visible in the review tool.

Compare Modes

  • Convenient comparison of multiple versions.
  • 4 compare modes: side-by-side, fader, difference, and toggle.
  • The tool highlights the changes automatically.