Release Notes: February 2024

🎉 Hello Approval Studio users!

Exciting news! Our latest release is here, bringing many improvements to elevate your collaboration experience. The entire release contains only the features and improvements you asked us about. This is the first round of the request-based update and more to come. We’ve received a lot of feedback lately and are now focused on improving the system based on your requests.

UI Enhancements in the Review Tool

Our Review Tool has undergone significant UI improvements, enhancing collaboration and feedback processes. Here’s what’s new:

🔍 New Annotation Figure: Arrow

Introducing a new annotation figure – the arrow! Your feedback inspired us to provide more ways for you to convey specific directions on your designs.

🎨 User Interface Simplification

We heard you! Our design has been simplified for better intuitiveness, ensuring a seamless user experience.

✨ Prominent Annotation Button

Responding to your feedback, we’ve made the annotation button more prominent. Now located at the top, it’s easily noticeable for efficient access.

✉️More Control in Email Customizations:

Customizing emails just got better! We’ve introduced more control and flexibility with an HTML editor for email customization. Now, users are not limited to predefined shortcuts; design your emails exactly how you want them.

Upcoming Features

🌐 Custom Domain for Pro and Pro XL

Exciting news for our Pro and Pro XL users! We’re currently working on adding custom domain support, giving you even more branding flexibility.

🛍️ Shopify Plugin Certification

For those in the e-commerce realm, get ready for seamless integration. Our Shopify plugin is in the final stages of certification and will soon be available for use. Streamline your proofing process directly within your Shopify platform.

How It Works

Explore the new arrow annotation figure by selecting the annotation tool in the Review Tool.
Enjoy the simplified design and easily accessible annotation button at the top for a more user-friendly experience.

Dive into the enhanced email customization with the new HTML editor. Design emails that perfectly match your brand and communication style.

AppSumo feedback

A big shoutout to everyone who shared their thoughts during our AppSumo launch. Your insights continue to shape Approval Studio.

Get Started

Log in to your Approval Studio account to experience these enhancements firsthand. We’re committed to providing the best collaborative platform for your design projects.

As always, your feedback is crucial. If you have more ideas or suggestions, our support team is eager to hear from you.

Unlock Your Voice: Share Your Experience with Approval Studio!

Your insights fuel our evolution. We invite you to be the driving force behind Approval Studio’s continuous improvement. Your feedback shapes the features, enhances the tools, and elevates the user experience. Contact us today, share your thoughts, and let your voice be heard. Your perspective is invaluable, and together, we craft a platform that meets your needs and exceeds expectations. Take a moment to write a review on any existing platform – G2, Capterra, etc.; it’s not just feedback; it’s a partnership in refining Approval Studio for you. Reach out, share your experience, and be a crucial part of our collaborative journey!

Happy reviewing!🎉

Approval Studio

Approval Studio

Approval Studio team account for publishing release notes and updates.
Approval Studio

Approval Studio

Approval Studio team account for publishing release notes and updates.

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