Project Build-Up

Review Shopify custom prints and designs

Collaborate with Shopify clients on your custom design prints and deliver faster with seamless API integration by Approval Studio — best review tool for Shopify print custom products.

Create Projects

Project, in other words, is your order number. Have all the files and customer information attached to it.

Get Feedback

Upload the proof into your order/project via our Approval Studio Shopify plugin to get precise feedback.

Approve or Reject

Have your client approve or request changes for the design with the comments on the mockup.

What are the benefits for Shopify sellers?

Have you ever had a situation when you need your Shopify client to review their custom print or design, but the only way to do is to send it via email? You have to use many separate apps and your Shopify proof management process drags. Approval Studio has a solution — online collaboration tool for Shopify sellers.

Upload Shopify proofs, share, and get feedback via our official plugin.

All your orders are auto-converted into a project in Approval Studio.

Order info like number and customer name is also transferred to the project.

How does Shopify integration work?

Approval Studio uses its official plugin to connect with Shopify and share the data between the two apps. API-based triggers link your Shopify print store with our proofing tool and let you use action-based design review workflow to process customer order proofs. The basic upload > review > decision steps can be adjusted. 

Quick Shopify plugin integration for seamless client collaboration.

Trigger-based automation to determine the next project steps.

Access to Approval Studio features directly from your Shopify store.

How do I install the Integration?

Each Shopify POD shop is unique, so we need to set up unique parameters to make your integration with our online review app work. Fill in the form below and we will help you set up your design review workflow to sign off the files, create custom orders, collaborate with clients, and improve your custom order approval process overall!

Free personal demo session for every new tenant.

Email and chat support to help you out on the way.

Constant feedback exchange to improve your experience.

The all-in-one print review plugin for Shopify

Automated and action-based workflow

Quick and seamless custom order


Order data is auto-transferred to the proof tool

The only Shopify proof app you’ll ever need.

The only Shopify proof app you’ll ever need.