Client collaboration made effortless for both parties

Make out a perfect client collaboration workflow for the design approval process that does not feel dragging and leaves a positive experience

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Use Approval Studio to collaborate with clients

On-demand work, whether with a team or alone, has one distinctive feature – clients are not part of your usual workflow. Therefore, it is crucial to find a way to communicate with many customers using a method that disrupts nobody. Furthermore, it has to be effective and not burden your client with countless sign-ins, the need to enter personal or company information, or any ties after the end of the project.

More efficient workflow that allows one to focus on the task at hand

Project information that is all stored and organized in one place

Satisfied client that doesn’t spend much time on the project approval process

As a designer

Establish a simple, step-by-step design workflow that will get client approval as swiftly as possible.

As a client

Get the most out of the money you have spent by closing the project as effortlessly and stress-free as you can.

Other Features

There is much more we can offer to design managers and their creative teams!

Bulk file upload

Upload more than one file at once for big projects



Mention teammates on the discussion board to start a chat

Slack Integration

Receive timely updates and notifications in your team’s Slack



Approve assets on the go without using your laptop or PC

Custom Kanban

Organize your workflow with customizable columns

Shopify Integration

Use an API integration to collaborate with Shopify clients

Custom emails

Set up customizable email notifications in line with your policies

Spellchecker tool

Proofread the text in your designs without leaving the tool

Design collaboration and approval have never been easier

Design collaboration and
approval have never been easier.