Improve your marketing assets management and review with a reliable tool

Marketing and advertising sphere is in need of quick and easy solutions for campaign management and design proofing. At Approval Studio, we have created a solution to increase your productivity and help you review all marketing assets in no time.

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Improve your proofing workflow for campaign materials

Approval Studio is a go-to marketing approval software. Ensure assets are of the best quality, review and update them, compare versions, and control all company’s projects within one product.

Use instruments

Trying to make Approval Studio as versatile as possible, we have found ways to adjust our artwork approval process to fit the needs of your new marketing campaign. Whatever visual materials you have prepared for your ad campaign, we will help you make sure your marketing approval process goes as fast and easy as possible.

Reference files

Upload reference files for the asset itself and the project in various formats. All branding information can be conveniently organized in the reference section and stored in one location, including the requirements and the brief. See who uploaded those files and send requests for new ones as the project progresses.

Compare modes

Use our four unique auto-comparison modes to ensure the highest quality of your material. From Side-by-Side view to Toggle, they will enable you to quickly and effectively manage workflow, detect even the smallest variations between versions, and ensure all edits were applied correctly.


Proofread the text to ensure a more dependable and efficient design review process in your advert texts that go hand-in-hand with graphics. Configure the specific word variants used in your campaign so that they are never marked as inaccurate and switch between multiple languages for international campaigns.

Video Review

Besides multiple graphic and document file formats, you can review promotional videos for your campaign with ease. Make annotations on specific frames and time stamps and participate in real-time conversations about everything that has to be discussed in order to achieve your objectives with video projects.

Maintain branding

Make sure your marketing assets follow your brand’s guidelines and style by getting instant feedback from the team.

Keep track of the

Monitor every modification made to the project and be informed of all choices, variations, and edits.

Launch your best campaign ever

Reap the rewards of your work by making sure that the best asset was included in the marketing campaign.

All marketing depends on feedback — we’ll help you get it even before the launch

— Approval studio team