Streamline your packaging design proofing with a powerful solution

Packaging design industry is one of the main Approval Studio profiles, and we have developed a powerful online review tool that will help you get design feedback from all reviewers as quickly and precisely as possible.

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Create your own packaging review workflow

Approval Studio is a perfect match for you if need to quickly make sure your packaging design project is up to the requirements and regulations of various types and that you can safely launch the production.

Use instruments

Aside from live annotations and version comparison modes, we have developed a whole range of features that will increase your proofing speed and accommodate all your needs in software for packaging design proofing. Our proofing tool and its numerous functions will help your team go through the review stages of your project as fast as possible.

Tasks & review groups

Assign a review task to users or groups that correspond with your packaging design creative team’s departments. Follow through from the legal review to prepress proofing and ensure your package gets approved by all parties involved before production and is up to all standards.

Barcode reader

Scan barcodes on your package mock-ups and make sure they are created and placed correctly. Never doubt their readability — Approval Studio review tool can scan 15 different barcode types checking both correctness and type.

On-screen ruler

Ability to check measurements is an inseparable part of every packaging design software. Our built-in ruler allows the users to ensure that all the standards and requirements for the size of the layout elements are adhered to, and your dielines and overall packaging size are measured correctly.

Detailed reports

Generate a comprehensive report with information on each comment and design approval. It will provide you with the whole project’s progress laid out in a single document with every single comment and change request to track. Whenever there is an issue, you can always track back and eliminate it.

Maintain high

Make sure all instructions are followed in a much faster, professional way, and get the results you were aiming for.

Keep your hand on
the pulse

Monitor the project’s progress and always be aware of all project feedback, errors, edits, and new package iterations.

Send the best to production

Save time and nerves by being confident that the cleanest mockup went to print and close the project faster.

We’ll help you approve the packaging that stands out on and off the shelf.

— Approval studio team