Approval Studio API is available now!

Approval Studio now provides an opportunity to integrate its design review tool into your business software using our public API that came out with the December 2020 release. You can now start working with Approval Studio from your environment in a matter of minutes! The API will be constantly updated as we release new versions of our tool every month, so keep an eye on the release notes that we publish in our blog. You can find an API reference document below and download the PDF file or view it as HTML. Should you have any questions – do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to help!

Click the button below to download the reference document for Approval Studio API. Current version v.1.11 (9-10-2021)

API stands for Application Programming Interface – generally speaking, a computing medium that puts two different applications on the same page and allows them to interact and communicate. This is a sort of common tongue that can unite different apps and make their usage more convenient. We know that people in the design industry work with numerous software solutions for their businesses, and integrating all the applications into one environment is not always an easy task – even more so, it sometimes can be quite a pain in the neck. That is why creating a functional API for Approval Studio has been one of our priorities for a long time – we do want to help you make your workflow considerably easier! We do hope that our API interface will help you in achieving your perfect approval process without any problems.

If you want to know more about our API, stick around for updates on our blog – we will publish an article about it soon.

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