Use an efficient feedback tool in graphic design projects

Graphic design is a very feedback-dependent industry where much relies on the collaboration between designer and client. Approval Studio offers a software solution that makes this collaboration and design review and approval process faster and significantly more efficient.

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Enhance your control over design collaboration

Getting design edits and final versions of the mockup approved by the client can be a tedious deal if you use emails or other means instead of specialized software. With Approval Studio, the process will be transparent and up to the point.

Use Approval Studio instruments

Approval Studio is designed to make direct impact on design review workflow. Bad creative workflow management can waste much precious time with vague feedback given through a text message, lost emails, or misunderstandings in terms of edit requests and presumed work amount. Our online proofing software aims to eliminate this problem for graphic designers using the following tools.

External review invitations

After the project is set and the mockup uploaded, you can share it with your client to give them access directly to the review tool. It does not require them to register and gives the possibility to check the whole mockup, see if it corresponds with their requirements, and make a decision — approve or request changes.

Annotations on the mock-up

Change request will only be possible if they add annotations to the mockup. External users can comment on specific sections or areas of the design to mark what they want edited with different shapes. They will also appear as comments to which you can reply live during the design review process like in a chat.

Versioning & Comparison

With each design change request comes a new version that can be uploaded over the previous one in the project menu. If you have multiple versions, the reviewer can use one of our 4 unique compare modes to highlight the changes and take a closer look at updates.

Detailed proof reports

In addition to full project timeline for internal use, our users can generate a detailed PDF report on the project. This report with all tracked project updates, annotations, and versions can be sent to the client if they need any official documentation or confirmation of the work done on the project.

Collaborate with
clients easily

Get design feedback from the client directly on the mock-up and eliminate any chance of miscommunication.

Keep everything in
one place

From references and design iterations to feedback and complete project timeline — have it all neatly stored in one system.

Have proofs of your
work at hand

With version compare tool and proof report, be ready at any second to confirm the edits that were requested and applied.

Do not let miscommunication in the way of your design creativity.

— Approval studio team