What to choose: A Complete Guide on Graphic Designers and Illustrators

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Meet Jodie. A few years ago, she had a fantastic business idea on how to create heatable dinnerware. From then on, she has spent all this time developing this product, and now, proud of her new creation, she wants to sell it to people. However, no one knows it exists, and she is looking for […]

How To Combine Fonts Like A Pro

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Once, I decided to look at really bad poster designs because I was bored and needed some fun in my life. And while there were a lot of problems with those, one thing that stood out to me in each one was this soul-wrenching use of fonts. Sometimes, you could not even read the text, […]

Every Pantone Color of the Year in Color Palettes

2024 is almost here! The New Year brings a fresh start, a handful of motivation, and a list of unrealistic resolutions. However, in the creative industry, New Year also means a new Pantone Color of the Year announcement from the Pantone Color Institute.

How to Make Your Design Appealing?

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Have you ever found yourself standing at a crossroads in the supermarket when you didn’t know what product to choose? Both probably had approximately the same ingredients, and similar prices, and the quality was on the same level too. Most likely, you choose a product based on its appearance. How come? 

Guide on How to Take Criticism for Designers

What is a designer’s biggest fear? Think about it for a second. It may be a fear of failure and inability to actually reach your biggest potential. For some, it’s a fear of vulnerability or not meeting the customer’s expectations. Maybe it is the fear of not being creative and having very few ideas or, […]

How to Boost Productivity for Designers

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Have you ever read Stephen King’s novel and wondered how much time went into creating this perfection? Well, probably not as much as you think. Stephen King’s writing speed seems absurd. According to his own words, he can write an almost 400-page book in two months. A fellow creative can get jealous of this huge […]

What On Earth Is Good Design and Bad Design?

How to know if your graphic design is good or bad? Honestly, it’s hard to count all the times people have discussed this topic. Maybe critical design review is irrelevant at all, and everything is much more straightforward than we try to make it — if you like how the design looks, it’s fine, right?

Step-by-Step Process of Creating the Perfect Design Brief

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Honestly, the number of times I’ve forgotten one crucial detail or requirement for my design project is hard to count. But I’m sure that I’m not the only one. Thankfully, such a thing as a design brief exists. It saves me (and other creatives in the design industry) so much time and brain space by […]

Color Harmonies and Best Color Combinations

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Hey there! Imagine you have a great graphic design project in mind or a stunning illustration idea. Everything works out lovely; the client liked the concept, you’ve done and approved a sketch, and you’ve started to work more in detail on the project.

How to Understand Color Theory for Designers

Color theory has proven to be one of the most complicated and tangled things to learn. What makes it that complex is the mixture of science and art seasoned with a sprinkle of traditions that makes the whole thing even harder to understand fully. It’s common to get trapped in the rabbit hole of searching […]

Top 5 Best Handwritten Fonts

Happy National Letter Writing Day! Have you already written your Christmas letter to Santa? Remember, you’re never too old for that! Let us give you some inspiration with the compilation of the most stunning handwritten fonts!

Worst Color Combinations

Color is by far the most discussed topic in the creative industry. Yet, it’s also quite controversial and vague. There are so many various theories that try to explain how it works, its positive impact, color theory, how to use it, what the associations and perfect color combinations are.

Busting Graphic Design Myths

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Design is extremely variegated and variable. As they say –  so many men, so many minds. This is why I love design as much as all other creative spheres. The process of creation itself gives inspiration and motivation to work out something, and ideas can come to mind suddenly and in many different forms.

A Great Graphic Designer: Portrait Essay

Becoming a real professional is quite a journey, and the graphic design industry is no different. As we all know, taking the first step can be extremely overwhelming, especially when you have so many questions bombarding your mind: Who is a graphic designer? What skills do they require? Do I need a graphic design degree? […]

How To Present A Final Design Mockup

A final design presentation is never an easy thing and should be taken as seriously as the designing process itself. How do you do it, though? We have answers, but first, let me introduce someone to you…

The 12 Principles of a Designer

Today we have a bit of a non-standard blog entry. It’s not the interview but rather a lecture of a man working in the design sphere for over a decade. There will be no questions, just answers and there will be no real names.