How to use Review Tool 3.0

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A professional online review tool is, without a doubt, the cornerstone of any successful online proofing and design feedback software. Being such and acknowledging the constant need for improvement, we are happy to present the third version of our Review Tool in as few as six years. However, what makes the Review Tool 3.0 special, […]

GoVisually: Review & Comparison with Approval Studio

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Online proofing tools are different—pricing, features, and service. So, as we are working in the niche, it was logical to make a blog series to help designers, creative managers, and marketers make the right choice. This time we compare GoVisually and Approval Studio to help you understand what creative approval system fits your needs.

Review Studio: Review & Comparison with Approval Studio

Approval Studio VS ReviewStudio

Okay, after sunny Australia we decided to change our route completely and move to a different part of the world. Now we are going to Laval, Canada! And no, it’s in no way a coincidence or anything – as you know perfectly well, our trips are not spontaneous but thoroughly planned. 

Ziflow: Review & Comparison with Approval Studio

ZiFlow vs Approval Studio

Looking for Ziflow alternatives for creative teams? With the significant number of proofing software, it might not be that easy to find the best tool that would fit your needs and your production management process, and would help you deliver marketing results in a blink of an eye. We explore the features, pricing, and compare […]

GoProof: Review & Comparison with Approval Studio

Approval Studio VS GoProof

Howdy, folks! We continue our series of comparison articles, and in this one, we’re about to discuss the cloud-based design proofing tool GoProof and compare it to Approval Studio. Features, cost, benefits, drawbacks – I tried to compile everything and create as objective and honest review as possible.

CageApp: Review & Comparison with Approval Studio

Approval Studio VS CageApp

Some time ago, an Oklahoma company of enthusiasts produced an exciting collaboration tool called Cage, and we will pay it a visit — again. It’s a 2022 update of our previous review where we’re about to see if any interesting updates were developed. Let’s check!

Best Online Proofing Tools Based on G2 and Capterra

The COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon, and many of us might have to stick to “work from home” mode for a while. However, we are now experienced in online collaboration with our teammates and clients. Every company has tried tons of online software to keep their employees tuned to continue the […]

Top 10 Remote Working Tools for Creative Teams

Thinking about the evolution of means of communication, I cannot stop wondering how could humanity cover all this way in such a short period of time. From the post doves to online messengers, the form has changed but the essence remained the same – to deliver the message, instruction.

8 Fantastic Affordable Tools for Design Collaboration

What is the most important in managing design workflow? To make the collaboration process smoother and more organized. Quite often, relying solely on human factor, we cannot gain the results we need, and it makes our collaboration suffer.

What is the best collaboration tool for UX\UI designers?


Today, we are talking to Andrii Horbachov and Dmytriy Kravchenko – the co-founders of Brave Wings digital bureau, UX\UI specialists from Ukraine. These guys have truly remarkable works in their portfolio, some of them can be found on Dribble, other projects cannot be shared in free access, due to contract restrictions, but believe me, they […]