Product Timeline

Here we share the progress of Approval Studio development, release notes, bug fixes, new and upgraded features, and upcoming plans for our design review tool.

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New Features  Video Review & Public API

Introduced the video proofing feature for all users (beta stage) and public API.

New Features  User Groups

Added an option to assign tasks to user groups for PRO users.

Upgrades  Custom Background

Updated dashboard with the ability to set a custom background for your working space.

New Features  Converter

Created a handy PDF to JPG converter in case you need to quickly switch formats.

Upgrades  All At Once

Improved ruler, added file information, Approve All option, and logo to proof reports.

Bug Fixes  Review Tool Speed

Increased the review tool speed so it could open 5 times faster and fixed spelling issues.

New Features  MS Office Formats

Added support of MS Office file formats to Approval Studio proofing tool.

Bug Fixes  System Optimization

Fixed some minor bugs, started dashboard optimization, and increased the system speed.

New Features  OKTA SSO

Introduced our 2nd single sign-on integration after Google — OKTA.

Bug Fixes  System Optimization

Fixed some minor bugs and improved the interface. Thanks for your help and bug reports!

New Features  PDF Layers

Added an option to work with multiple layers and review them separately.

Upgrades  Simplifying UI

Created a new login screen, added new project pop-ups and new icons to the system.

New Features  Customization & Communication

Added custom branding, quick-link and email customizations, and user tagging.

New Features Ruler

Added a tool to measure inches, centimeters, or pixels of the reviewed artworks.

Upgrades  Cosmetics

Slightly redesigned review tool icons, added page and storage counters.

Bug Fixes  Speeding Up!

Increased speed both in the dashboard and review tool.

New Features Attachments

Added an option for reviewers to attach files to the comments and annotations.

New Features  Bulking

Implemented bulk actions for completed and archived sections of the projects.

New Features  Payment System

Implemented automatic payment system available from the Company Information tab.

Upgrades  External Reviews

Disabled email prompt for external reviewers — they need to enter only the name.

New Features  Some Requested Updates

Added ability to reorder the files in projects and download option for external reviewers. 

Upgrades  New Notifications

Created daily review reminders for external users and project due date notifications.

New Features  Review Tool 2.0

Added mobile support custom approval disclaimer, and highlighted annotation pages.

Upgrades  Review Tool 2.0

Updated the review tool’s interface to make it faster and more intuitive.

Upgrades  Additional Settings

Added personal time zone and subscription status, changed Hebrew font to Arial.

Bug Fixes  Speeding Up!

Increased speed of the system and fixed minor localization bugs.

New Features  Parlez-vous français?

Introduced French localization of our system — for both review tool and dashboard.

Upgrades  Pro Notifications

Added Completed Task notifications and frequency settings for all new notifications.

Join our Approval Studio community in building our design review tool together. The next feature that appears here might be the one you request!