unique ways to use proofing tools banner
unique ways to use proofing tools banner

Unique and best ways for your business to benefit from proofing tool

Proofing tools are everywhere nowadays. Such software is used by everyone starting from freelancers to the most prominent players on the world market. It all began with the simple desire to optimize the proofing workflow… but went a little further than that:)

What do I mean? There are many ways the company or individual can benefit from using proofing tools except for their primary purpose. As you may have guessed, we will talk about the benefits of using proofing software. Of course, we will cover the basic and significant needs you are looking for in the artwork approval tool. 

Moreover, we will dive deeper and show you some examples of how your business can benefit from it in peculiar ways you have not thought of before! Excited? Then let’s start!

Not really ordinary use

Being EcoLogical

Table with Eco not Ego motto

Saving nature was not always that heated and crucial question we know it to be today. Unfortunately, our Earth has its countdown, and most resources are not renewable. I am pretty sure that you know about all of this talking and realize that we are the biggest enemies to our own planet. Of course, there is some hype about “being eco-friendly is cool,” but putting that hype away, we really have to do less harm.

How do proofing tools help stay eco-friendly? Proofing software helps to reduce the number of materials used to redo failed things. Just imagine how much paper you need just to throw away if the whole print run contained a mistake you have not noticed! Using compare mode and difference finder, it is nearly impossible to make a mistake or lose crucial detail that will cost you time, money, and an eco-friendly approach.

Our clients have already felt the difference with Approval Studio. Here’s what Stefanie from Design Group Americas shares their experience after using artwork approval software for quite some time:

“Previously, it was easy just to get together, have a meeting. But once we became multi-location, we needed something that would reduce our shipping, printout time, and our waste.”

Kimberley Shargay from Brogan Tennyson Group also confirms that with Approval Studio they are “printing fewer proofs, making us more green”. To be honest, we are extremely proud to receive such a review that helps, even if a tiny bit, with some ecological waste.

Studying and Learning

a studying class with teacher presenting a new topic

I do not know about your experience in university, but mine was poor at using any kind of software. Talking about design and IT, they were held with limited resources, and we were extremely happy when the professors allowed us to use something new.

And one day, one of our clients came and said they were interested in using a proofing tool as software that will help students enhance their studying workflow and see differences in artworks by comparing them. The teacher used it to proof students’ creative homework, comment on problem details, send them back, etc. 

Imagine how much time the mentor needs to write feedback manually to 30 students in a group. I cannot say that we did not have a single thought about trying our software at universities or online courses, but this was not the first order of business. Yet, essentially, the possibilities are limitless: design teachers can use the tool to show differences between the two designs and explain why the first one needs improvement or why the second one has invalid solutions for the target audience. Checking homework, asking to do it via the proofing tool, using it in lectures and practical classes… it’s all here!

Of course, you can open just two files in separate windows and examine them. However, there are many things in the proofing tool that will make the experience more pleasant: both artworks move simultaneously and zoom the same areas, it shows changes automatically, and much more. Every tiny detail covers the expenses of using the proofing tool because it becomes a single powerful instrument for activities you used to do separately.

Documents of the First Value

a hand signing an important document

Any kind of text document is not the best fit for proofing software. However, we are improving with each of our clients, and some of them are very peculiar 🙂

We have discovered that you can successfully use the proofing tool for proofreading documents of a high priority – privacy policies, whitepapers, etc. Since these documents contain crucial information, it is essential not to miss any typo, misspelled words, or other failures. With the proofing tool, it would be easy not only to proofread the text, but also to highlight all the changes.

We realize that this is primarily a job for text editors, but what if the document has charts, graphics, and any other kind of imagery? You can work on everything at once with the proofing tool. Our clients also proof any kind of training materials, certificates, diplomas. We cannot complain if they find that convenient to do via proofing software. 

Blog and marketing things

person working on a blog article on their laptop

While writing articles, with graphical material, we usually discuss all of the artworks in our proofing software. I comment on what I want to be changed, and our designer knows what they need to prepare for tomorrow. Approval Studio becomes a very crucial link among all content team members — especially when there’s a lot of content to work on.

Our content team creates many artworks and videos for advertising purposes. The lion’s share of the whole process is to gather feedback from every person from the marketing team and project manager. Unfortunately, every person has their assignments, and it can be hard to reach them personally at times. However, leaving feedback via approval software is a 1-minute task because you can do it even with your smartphone.

As a result, the content team hands in the final files within a day but not in 2-3. It optimizes the workflow by a mile and allows us to be more efficient and productive.

Save your vacation time

beach vacation

I can tell you that it is a horrible idea to work during your vacation. My dear mum does go to the office every time anyone needs her assistance since she is a great team player. It is inspiring, but she needs to rest more. We all do 🙂

However, suppose you still need to be accessible during any vacation, while commuting, visiting a gym, or any other kind of activity outside of the office. In that case, the proofing tool is here to help. Most artwork approval software contenders (Approval Studio as well) allow users to use their apps via smartphone. Such a feature will save much time without turning the project into the pending one.

It is needless to say that such an approach leaves you a vast field of flexibility in managing everyone’s time. You must agree that proofing via smartphone near the Pacific Ocean beach is far more appealing than emailing an extensive list of changes needed. Since you do not spend much time making decisions when using proofing software, you will not ruin your holidays. You do not have to go to the colleagues’ workplace to point to the problem area you mentioned before. Just highlight and comment!

First Order of Business Use

Eliminate tons of revisions

Many revisions/iterations are among the most irritating and painful problems faced by any individual or design company. These are the consequences of misunderstanding what was meant by the reviewer. 

“Change the blue color to a darker one and change the font above to Times New Roman.” We apply changes, send for the revision again, and the artwork is rejected again. The truth is the client meant a different color area and a different text. Such misunderstanding caused at least one new iteration, and at least one day was wasted.

Once you present your client with online proofing software, they will be able to point to the problematic area, suggest changes, and stay confident you understand what was meant. You will never have any extra revision because the probability of misunderstanding is close to nothing.

Streamline proofing process

Chaotic project flow is the best friend of missed deadlines, disappointed clients, and a bad reputation. Of course, it is possible to master any workflow to perfection and get used even to doing something wrong. The fact is, such bad habits are extremely hard to break. However, as one starts growing professionally, they realize they need to streamline all of the workflow parts including the artwork approval process to save money, time, and reputation.

Since proofing software makes the decision-making process smoother, you will see how your productivity improves and client satisfaction rises. Everything is stored in one place, organized and neat. Reports are ready at any time if needed, and you can access the entire communication instantly.

Collaborations with other software

Sometimes you do not even need to change the entire approach to your project because more and more proofing tools allow you to collaborate with your favorite software. 

Do you need some messenger like Slack? Maybe you want Adobe tools integration? Or even API to integrate into your system of choice? Well, we can help with that and much more! 

Kind of conclusion

Having analyzed how the number of areas where we can use proofing tools grows every year, I can’t help but smile. Proofing software becomes an integral part of workflows we at some point could not even imagine. 

This makes us think that we are doing the right thing! And this means that the benefits of a proofing tool for your business are immense. We are constantly improving and broadening the perks to develop some new ideas for you. See you in a year with more newfound uses for Approval Studio!

Travis Baker

Travis Baker

This guy knows a lot about branding, have no doubt. He can cover in details everything starting from sports apparel and ending with some Swiss watches or chocolate - whatever you like. A tidbit crazy over sneakers, but nevermind, that's fine for someone who never misses a single football match (please don't call it soccer, otherwise he'll get mad, thank you very much). As well as the rest of the team, very enthusiastic about proofing tools and communication with people.
Travis Baker

Travis Baker

This guy knows a lot about branding, have no doubt. He can cover in details everything starting from sports apparel and ending with some Swiss watches or chocolate - whatever you like. A tidbit crazy over sneakers, but nevermind, that's fine for someone who never misses a single football match (please don't call it soccer, otherwise he'll get mad, thank you very much). As well as the rest of the team, very enthusiastic about proofing tools and communication with people.

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