Who Are The Most Notable Women In Design Industry

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In the US, 54% of women are a part of the graphic design community in any shape or form. Naturally, it means that half of all the designs you see around were made, complied, or designed by a woman. Realizing that, made me think about what women made other everyday things. And what is a […]

The Best Subreddits for Designers

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Social networks are like digital treasure chests, filled with gems of entertainment, information, and inspiration. Only you, the user, decide what to use it for, though. Some use it to waste their time by mindlessly scrolling through their feed. Others use social media to become better. Reddit, with its vast collection of subreddits, is one […]

Best ways to get inspired

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Being a graphic designer is difficult. Not only because of the huge expectations you need to meet to stay in the industry but also because of the creative nature of the job. We’ve already established that designers don’t work on a whim. However, it is still important for a designer to get ideas somewhere. At […]

Unraveling the Myths About Graphic Designers

Picture this: a trendy, chic apartment with gentle sunlight filtering through the curtains. A girl, let’s call her Maya, wakes up at noon, eager to take on the creative world with her natural graphic designing skill. Armed with a latte infused with oat milk, she sits at her sleek workstation, clicking away on her design […]

Main Trends in Graphic Design in 2023

The web is a vast, ever-changing landscape. To stay relevant in the digital world, a designer or a website owner should keep up with trends and adapt their design accordingly. We will consider it in this article. You can take the points for your future projects since various web designers create and upload numerous trendy […]

Why Graphic Design Is Important for Your Business

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Have you ever seen a successful business that does not have some memorable logo or branding? I have not, and you probably have not as well. Then, the article is finished, and thanks for reading! Just kidding, don’t close the tab just yet.

Why Design Is So Important

¡Buenas noches! I am writing this article at night. Thus, please prepare yourself: there’s a slight possibility I will be a bit gibberish, but I’ll surely do my best to get the point across 🙂

Comic Book Workflow: How Are Comics Created?

Happy International Comics Day (which was on September 25th. We are late, we know)! Anyways… what is the best way to celebrate than to show you a glimpse from behind the scenes (or should I say behind the panels) of comics creation?

How Design Industry Works During COVID-19 Pandemic

We are experiencing a COVID-19 outbreak, and it surely affects everyone and everything (to some extent at least) regardless of where you are and what you do. Creative industries, basically like any other ones, have to adapt to the “brand new world”. Even though it might be only for a few months, the pandemic will […]

How Design Helps Us Stop COVID-19 Spread

With a COVID-19 pandemic bursting out in the world, people have accommodated various means of fighting it. Social distancing, remote work and remote collaboration, quarantine measures, and so on and so forth.

10 Major Trends in Graphic Design

Hello, our dear designers and project managers and whoever is reading this article! We decided to take a look at what’s likely to trend in the design sphere next year. The design industry is stable with some aspects and absolutely unpredictable with the others. It makes it very interesting and fun to follow, yet sometimes […]

Quiz. How Good Are You in Design? 8 Quick Questions.

Hello to all designers who are reading this post! Today we decided to play a little game and bring you something funny and engaging to work with. 8 quick questions, 4 minutes quiz to prove you are a design professional! Are you? We are most sure you are, but tests are fun, aren’t they? The […]

10 Common Mistakes in Graphic Design [Solved]

Common Mistakes in Graphic Design

We know how to solve the most common design issues and want to share our solutions with you. 10 easy steps, simple to follow, that will improve your design project speed and quality. Some of the solutions are pretty obvious, but for some reason, they are usually ignored. Are you sure that you are not […]

14 Reddit “Must Subscribe” Communities for Designers

Spending half a day on Reddit from time to time is the second-best thing next to losing yourself to YouTube recommendations string. Once you’re there – you’re stuck and there’s almost certainly no way out. Unless… you make it relate to work!

First Helvetica Font Redesign in 35 Years

Helvetica Font Redesign

Monotype company that owns rights for Helvetica font family has revealed Helvetica Now – redesigned fonts for the digital market that reimagine one of the most popular typefaces ever. This is the first Helvetica design update in the last 35 years, the previous one was called Neue Helvetica.

Design & Psychology

Today, I want to share with you, probably, the most interesting conversation that we had up until today. Daniel May is a design professional, who’s been working with such companies like Sony and BMG, and it’s possible, that some of his works you can find in your music collection on the CD covers.

Communication with Client & Design Innovations

While working on the web app, targeted for creative teams, our Approval Studio guys have carried out big research, making interviews with Project Managers, Team Leads, Design Professors, and Specialists working in different creative spheres, such as packaging design, label design, interior design, UX/UI design, etc. The most interesting conversations will be published here, in […]