why graphic design is important for your business banner
why graphic design is important for your business banner

Why Graphic Design Is Important for Your Business

Have you ever seen a successful business that does not have some memorable logo or branding? I have not, and you probably have not as well. Then, the article is finished, and thanks for reading! Just kidding, don’t close the tab just yet.

If we seriously analyze modern business and customer needs, and the way a company’s logo, branding, or marketing impact all of these, we can claim that design is not the thing you can neglect. We will talk about what parts of your business the appropriate and effective design can boost or, if you are trying to avoid anything connected to more than do sth in Canva, downgrade.

Graphic design helps remember you

Night city with famous logos of brands

McDonald’s, Nike, Adidas…Approval Studio! I bet you think of the logos of these companies at first. At least, you should if we are talking about the first three examples, that is what they want you to do. What is more, you will recognize these brands anywhere you see them. 

Big companies make the most of their branding by promoting their branding identity everywhere. They use company colors, letters, or slogans in every single thing they produce and every marketing campaign they launch. This helps to make your brain build associations that will remind you of this or that brand. 

For example, I bet that the first company that comes to your mind when you see the big “M” is McDonald’s. Also, if you are close to the sport, then any three stripes will surely make you think of Adidas.

Design builds trust

A handshake that symbolizes trust

Imagine getting some sick-designed promo from one sneaker company and just amateur photos from another one with the written price on these pictures. I can hardly find myself browsing the website of the latter (or just Instagram, which is more realistic) and trusting them with my money for their product quality.

Once I enter the brand site that really cares about the design, promotion, and user experience of their website, I can trust them even if I see it for the first time. Why? Because people spent a lot of time and money to set everything up and show their products from different angles, and you can see every detail of that effort.

If the brand cares about design, it means that people are proud of the product and feel confident about it. The same energy is received by the customer who interacts with the company. People love unique designs and love when it’s made with love.

Design shows attention to the client’s problems

"You are important" sticker as a signal to the client

Good design is the thing that shows your attention to detail. How does this work?

We should remind ourselves of effective design basics. In other words, effective design is the design that shows how you can solve your customer’s problem. You show pains, you show the solution, and you receive a happy customer. 

To present a solution, you should find pains at first. This is an extraordinary amount of work. However, the result pays off since you will find the unique details about the customer’s problem. You consider these details and develop a solution for your client. 

You present it with a beautiful design that shows why your product is far superior to any other on the market and boom! Your audience will buy your product or services because you were attentive to their opinion and pains.

Showing attention to client’s problems is something that design is built on, and we happen to know it first-hand. That is why we have developed a design review and approval tool that helps design agencies pay closer attention to their client’s needs not wasting any time. Online reviews, live annotations, automated version comparison, and much more! If you are interested in a professional design collaboration solution, you are welcome to check Approval Studio out!

Design offers better readability, thus memorization

Pieces of walnut, each shaped like human brain

If we are talking about the attention span of all people on the planet, we will be surprised about how low it is. Everybody knows this “fact” that the attention span of an average person is 8 seconds, and the goldfish’s attention span is 9 seconds, right?

But to put all jokes aside, it means that we just cannot force a person to read all your advantages and the info on being the best on the market. It is just how we are built. We have too many distractions every single second inside and outside. Thus, brands and companies fight for our attention with the help of design.

Effective design helps to sell or raise brand awareness during that short period of our concentration time. You do not need to create ads with tons of text. Graphic design helps you to put everything you need to say in symbols, graphic elements, logos, etc. It makes your ads more readable, thus, more comprehensive, less tedious, and more effective.

Design allows being versatile

Picture of Cesar's statue in Rome symbolizing versatility

As simple as that. You can do whatever you want with the help of graphic design. You can open any doors with endless possibilities that were closed for your company before. What is more, graphic design does not allow your content to be outdated. Any crazy idea can become a new trend or something special people associate your brand with.

There are tons of examples from the fashion industry. Let’s talk about the latest most significant collaboration between Travis Scott and McDonald’s. We all know that McDonald’s is a brand for everyone (we can call it “a brand for people”) – even your grandpa likely visits the place. But it is not very likely that he listens to Travis Scott’s music.

When the collaboration was live, many fans of Travis Scott started to rock their merch with the McDonald’s logo. In turn, brand awareness of the artist also increased significantly, especially, when we are talking about older age groups. 

Talking about the design, they released a combined logo of McDonald’s and Travis Scott. Another excellent idea was to use fries to create the logo of Cactus Jack (brand of Travis).

As a result, the design opened new doors for both brands and increased brand awareness. W/W situation that would not be possible without design.

Design helps to test the craziest ideas with minimal risk and cost

A crazy smiling person

There are various cases – from proactive cooperation to situations where product development does not even move forward. With the help of design research, you can find if the value of the future product for the customers will be worth its development.

For example, there is a project when the company has already created a web application but is considering ​​adding a mobile version. The solution is to thoroughly analyze the market, find out business goals, and offer the customer to quickly and inexpensively test the idea of ​​a prototype mobile application.

This approach allows the idea to reach the end-users in a few days and get feedback from them. It turned out that users saw little use in the mobile version because they did not use a mobile device when using the application. The web application has already met all their needs. 

Can you imagine the cost of the development? Can you imagine how upset the company would be seeing several users a day in the application that could cost hundreds of thousands?

Design improves your professionalism

Two women after a successful business presentation

Whether within your company office, on your business cards, or in the minds of current and potential customers, your company must promote professionalism. Even if your brand is built on a fun, casual style, it is still crucial that your company maintains its evident credibility and shows that you know what you are talking about.

Good graphic design may be what your business needs to build a sense of professionalism in your company and beyond. This proves that you take your business seriously; it shows that all aspects of your business are intentional, thoughtful, and strategic.

With a great graphic design that manages your company’s marketing campaigns, your employees will be constantly reminded to take your company seriously – the same goes for your customers.

Effective, thus memorable, design is a design that helps your company to grow. In the workplace and beyond, good graphic design can bring a sense of security and importance.

Design increases sales

Stacked coins

So, what does all of the mentioned lead to? Good posters and smart posts on social media? Well, on the one hand, of course.

But on the other hand, as with all marketing efforts, killer graphic design will lead to satisfied customers and a serious increase in sales.

Your graphic design leads to trust and satisfaction. It helps customers understand that you are serious about your services. The tremendous graphic design remains in customers’ minds, and it brings them back again and again.

Your marketing efforts are mainly focused on bringing your team to sales. Consider good graphic design as an express ticket to these sales!

Some words in the end

I would not be torturing you by summarizing every point I provided before. I only have one, and the last – design is a crucial part of your business. Your designer is not the person who only draws posters for your social media or banners for articles. This is the person who, together with you, develops the ideology and branding identity of your company. 

If you have effective collaboration, you will quickly benefit from every single point mentioned above! Peace!

Travis Baker

Travis Baker

This guy knows a lot about branding, have no doubt. He can cover in details everything starting from sports apparel and ending with some Swiss watches or chocolate - whatever you like. A tidbit crazy over sneakers, but nevermind, that's fine for someone who never misses a single football match (please don't call it soccer, otherwise he'll get mad, thank you very much). As well as the rest of the team, very enthusiastic about proofing tools and communication with people.
Travis Baker

Travis Baker

This guy knows a lot about branding, have no doubt. He can cover in details everything starting from sports apparel and ending with some Swiss watches or chocolate - whatever you like. A tidbit crazy over sneakers, but nevermind, that's fine for someone who never misses a single football match (please don't call it soccer, otherwise he'll get mad, thank you very much). As well as the rest of the team, very enthusiastic about proofing tools and communication with people.

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