Five Achilles’​ Heels of Every Packaging Project

As you know, we at Approval Studio are trying hard to keep in contact with our clients and the broader design community to try and understand its pains better. Research on packaging design always proves very interesting, as there is almost no universal agreement on everything, except for maybe the most common issues.

Release Notes: January 2020

Release Notes Approval Studio

Hello and Happy New Year to you all! We truly hope you had a wonderful holiday and had enough rest before the new working year starts. In the meantime, we’ve prepared a new version of our tool for you that contains the new interface language – French.

Release Notes: December 2019

Release Notes Christmas Approval Studio

Hello and please welcome the new interface theme called “Color burst” that brings holiday spirit to Approval Studio. Christmas is just around the corner so here’s our small present to you!

Release Notes: November 2019

Release Notes Approval Studio

We keep on adding UI languages to our review tool, and this time, due to the help of our influencers, we added a Hebrew interface to Approval Studio. Many thanks to Approval Studio users from Israel. You are breathtaking!

Top 10 Remote Working Tools for Creative Teams

Thinking about the evolution of means of communication, I cannot stop wondering how could humanity cover all this way in such a short period of time. From the post doves to online messengers, the form has changed but the essence remained the same – to deliver the message, instruction.

Release Notes: September 2019

Release Notes Approval Studio

Hello, folks, we have some great news for you all! The new version of Approval Studio has been released on the 27 September!

Release Notes: August 2019

Release Notes Approval Studio

Guess what! A new version of Approval Studio is available. This time we added German language, so you can set your interface language to English, Deutsch, Polish, Ukrainian. More languages to come in the next releases.

Top 10 Best Creative Project Management Software In 2020

Best Creative Project Management Software In 2020

Project management is the very thing that organizes and manages creativity and helps run fresh ideas. That might catch you by surprise, and I would totally understand it – many people look a bit perplexed when I tell them creativity is something that can be managed. Then the question rings: “How can you possibly do […]

Release Notes: July 2019

Release Notes Approval Studio

Cheers! The new version of Approval Studio has been released on 07/30/2019! Here’s what changed this time:

Release Notes: June 2019

Release Notes Approval Studio

06/06/2019 we have updated Approval Studio and added multi-language interface so that you could collaborate with international partners without any language barrier.

The 12 Principles of a Designer

Today we have a bit of a non-standard blog entry. It’s not the interview but rather a lecture of a man working in the design sphere for over a decade. There will be no questions, just answers and there will be no real names. 

What is Online Proofing and Review Software?

Online proofing software (creative approval software, artwork proofing software) is a specialized tool that organizes the workflow and artwork proofing process for creative content in design projects. It may include many different functions that vary depending on a developer, but the main feature is the ability to collect centralized feedback on certain artwork.

We Want to Hear You!

Our team researches the possibility to reduce the operational costs for design and creative teams. As the outcome of our research, we intend to release the artwork review and approval process automation solution.

Design & Psychology

Today, I want to share with you, probably, the most interesting conversation that we had up until today. Daniel May is a design professional, who’s been working with such companies like Sony and BMG, and it’s possible, that some of his works you can find in your music collection on the CD covers.