5 Ways to Solve Creative Project Management Issues

Creativity in team collaboration has never been a simple thing to manage. In fact, it is a big enough question whether you can handle it at all. When you are a manager, your designers and copywriters might need an approach different from that you apply to the rest of your team. However, with specific knowledge […]

Release Notes: January 2020

Release Notes Approval Studio

Hello and Happy New Year to you all! We truly hope you had a wonderful holiday and had enough rest before the new working year starts. In the meantime, we’ve prepared a new version of our tool for you that contains the new interface language – French.

Release Notes: December 2019

Release Notes Christmas Approval Studio

Hello and please welcome the new interface theme called “Color burst” that brings holiday spirit to Approval Studio. Christmas is just around the corner so here’s our small present to you!

10 Major Trends in Graphic Design

Hello, our dear designers and project managers and whoever is reading this article! We decided to take a look at what’s likely to trend in the design sphere next year. The design industry is stable with some aspects and absolutely unpredictable with the others. It makes it very interesting and fun to follow, yet sometimes […]

Quiz. How Good Are You in Design? 8 Quick Questions.

Hello to all designers who are reading this post! Today we decided to play a little game and bring you something funny and engaging to work with. 8 quick questions, 4 minutes quiz to prove you are a design professional! Are you? We are most sure you are, but tests are fun, aren’t they? The […]

Release Notes: November 2019

Release Notes Approval Studio

We keep on adding UI languages to our review tool, and this time, due to the help of our influencers, we added a Hebrew interface to Approval Studio. Many thanks to Approval Studio users from Israel. You are breathtaking!

Release Notes: September 2019

Release Notes Approval Studio

Hello, folks, we have some great news for you all! The new version of Approval Studio has been released on the 27 September!

Release Notes: August 2019

Release Notes Approval Studio

Guess what! A new version of Approval Studio is available. This time we added German language, so you can set your interface language to English, Deutsch, Polish, Ukrainian. More languages to come in the next releases.

8 Fantastic Affordable Tools for Design Collaboration

What is the most important in managing design workflow? To make the collaboration process smoother and more organized. Quite often, relying solely on human factor, we cannot gain the results we need, and it makes our collaboration suffer.

What is Online Proofing and Review Software?

Online proofing software (creative approval software, artwork proofing software) is a specialized tool that organizes the workflow and artwork proofing process for creative content in design projects. It may include many different functions that vary depending on a developer, but the main feature is the ability to collect centralized feedback on certain artwork.