Why Visiting Packaging Expos Is Essential for Professionals

At Approval Studio, we recognize the significance of keeping pace with the most modern advancements and techniques in the domain of packaging. One of the most exceptional ways to accomplish this is to participate in packaging conferences and exhibitions. But where to go and what do they do at such meetings? Let’s take a look at the most popular ones and see for ourselves, but first — let’s see why you shouldn’t ignore such opportunities.

Why Does It Matter?

Networking Prospects

The potential to connect with other experts in the field of packaging is one of the most valuable benefits of attending packaging conferences and exhibitions. You will have the prospect to meet with associates, potential customers, and suppliers all in one place. This will provide you with a superb possibility to cultivate connections and establish significant business bonds that could lead to future collaborations.

Gaining Insights on Novel Technologies

The packaging sector is constantly transforming, and it is essential to keep up with the latest technologies. By attending packaging events, you will have the opportunity to learn about modern tech and how your business can use it to your advantage. This includes trends in packaging elements, printing technologies, and more. You can likewise check out some seminars and workshops where you can acquire knowledge regarding these new technologies and how to apply them to your business.

Keeping Track of Industry Trends

Participating in packaging conferences and exhibitions is an outstanding method to stay on top of all industry trends. You will have access to the most up-to-date research, data, and understanding of what is transpiring in packaging and in which direction it is moving. This includes consumer tendencies, sustainability campaigns, and regulatory changes. By keeping an eye on these trends, you can adjust your business plan to remain competitive in the market.

Acquiring Hands-On Experience with Modern Products and Services

Packaging conferences are an exceptional means of gaining direct knowledge of modern products and services in the industry. You can not only witness but also touch and experience new packaging materials and equipment first-hand. This is an exceptional method of evaluating potential new suppliers and products for your business. You can also talk directly to suppliers to learn more about their products and services.

Boosting Brand Awareness

Participating in packaging conferences and exhibitions is an outstanding method of amplifying brand recognition for your business. You can showcase your products and services to a vast audience of industry professionals. This is an exceptional means of amplifying brand awareness and generating new business leads. You can also benefit from sponsorships and other marketing openings to maximize your visibility at these events.

Another Way To Improve Collaboration

In short, visiting packaging expos and conferences is a great way to find new solutions for future collaboration — with industry colleagues, suppliers, customers, and many other people. It is important for us, as Approval Studio sets design collaboration as a top priority. If you are willing to improve your design review and approval process and don’t feel like leaving your cozy home or office in the nearest future, I would like to suggest checking out our online proofing tool.

Expos to Visit

Pack Show

When: May 9-12 2023.
Where: Bucharest, Romania.
Topics: Packaging industry technologies, packaging, and packaging solutions.

The Pack Show takes place each year in Bucharest and is considered the most significant packaging exhibition in South-East Europe. In Romania, no other B2B exhibition provides such a thorough and organized overview of the industry. The Pack Show is not merely an international event; it is the preferred choice of packaging industry leaders.

Packaging Premiere

When: May 16-18, 2023.
Where: Milan, Italy.
Topics: Luxury, perfume, cosmetics, and personal care packaging.

Since its first launch, Packaging Première has been the ideal meeting place for designers, producers, and luxury brands seeking to utilize packaging as a potent communication tool. Packaging Premiere, located in Italy’s iconic Cosmetic Valley, is a leading event that promotes innovation and cooperation among packaging suppliers and beauty brands. The conference in Milan offers an environment for suppliers and visitors willing to obtain ideas for their packaging ventures and speed up their business growth. The event provides a distinctive forum to exchange ideas and inspiration, explore novel packaging technologies and materials, and develop packaging that will charm and attract consumers and retailers in the future.

Print Show

When: September 19-21, 2023.
Where: Birmingham, UK.
Topics: Printing manufacturing.

The Print Show promotes the motto “Print Without Barriers,” and strives to assist attendees in discovering novel business opportunities by demonstrating that print goes beyond ink on paper. With free access to exhibitors from all corners of the industry, The Print Show is an unmissable event.

The exhibition is entirely dedicated to the UK print sector, so The Print Show has established itself as the most crucial and well-attended industry event in the country. It serves as the primary meeting point for the market, providing attendees with an opportunity to witness the latest technological advancements, network with peers, and gain insights from top-notch experts in printing.

London Packaging Week

When: September 21-22, 2023.
Where: London, UK.
Topics: Packaging innovation and design.

London sits at the heart of a global network of creators, designers, innovators, and brands, and has cemented its place as a world leader in key markets like luxury goods, FMCG, premium drinks, and beauty. For those involved in packaging creation within these pivotal sectors, London Packaging Week’s four events offer the perfect venue to convene. This event is essential for the thousands of designers, packaging developers, founders, marketers, buyers, and hundreds of the world’s most notable suppliers who rely on it to fuel their innovation and creativity.


When: October 2-4, 2023.
Where: Monaco.
Topics: Premium packaging manufacturing.

Monaco hosts a global exhibition that focuses on high-end packaging within the cosmetics, perfume, wine and alcohol, fashion, watch, and jewelry markets. This event brings together manufacturers of premium packaging from across the world, who showcase their most creative innovations. It is a vital opportunity for brands to source packaging that can set them apart from competitors through design, sustainability, and digital innovation.

Responsible Packaging Expo

When: October 10-11, 2023.
Where: London, UK.
Topics: Sustainable packaging solutions.

In today’s ecocentric world, responsible packaging has become increasingly important. This expo is an excellent opportunity to explore the most innovative packaging solutions available to the food and beverage industry. The Responsible Packaging Expo leads the way in educating and exhibiting to businesses the immense potential that lies in creating an eye-catching, effective, and sustainable packaging solution for their products.

The conference schedule is broad and features experts in the field discussing everything from the larger issues that impact packaging to the finer details of small changes that can significantly improve a company’s packaging methods.

Sustainability In Packaging

When: October 17-18, 2023.
Where: Barcelona, Spain.
Topics: Sustainability of packaging materials.

Sustainability has become a crucial issue across all industries, including packaging. With a growing global population, sustainable packaging materials and practices are more important than ever before. The Sustainability in Packaging Europe event, organized by leading provider Smithers, provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges and solutions facing the packaging supply chain in its transition to a circular economy. Held annually in Barcelona, the event showcases the latest information, best practices, and innovative solutions in sustainable packaging. Anyone in the packaging industry who wants to stay up to date on sustainable packaging should attend this event.

Sustainable Packaging Summit

When: November 14-15, 2023.
Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Topics: Packaging in a changing world and the future of the industry.

The Sustainable Packaging Summit is a highly regarded forum that brings together influential leaders, innovators, regulators, and industrialists in the recycling field. The summit aims to promote sustainable packaging practices and has become an important platform for discussing the challenges and opportunities of driving sustainable transformation in the industry.

The upcoming 2023 edition of the summit will be held in Amsterdam on November 14-15 and will build on the success of last year’s discussions in Lisbon. Attendees will have the opportunity to address key objectives, identify opportunities to align business, regulation, and society around a circular, net zero packaging ecosystem, and explore innovative solutions to the challenges facing the industry. Discussions will focus on a range of topics, including circular economy, sustainable packaging design, eco-friendly materials, and cutting-edge recycling technologies. The event promises to be a valuable opportunity for value chain leaders to frankly discuss the challenges they face and explore new ways to drive sustainable transformation.

Empack and Label & Print

When: November 29-30, 2023.
Where: Madrid, Spain.
Topics: Technology, sustainability, automation, design & innovation for packaging.

Empack Madrid, in its 15th edition, is scheduled to be held on November 29-30, 2023 at IFEMA. This event offers a unique opportunity for professionals in the packaging industry to gain insights into the latest innovations, knowledge, and networking. In the last edition, over 200 supplier companies, 60 speakers, and various live activities and demonstrations were hosted.

Empack Madrid is specially designed for professionals in the packaging industry, allowing them to optimize their supply chain through the latest advancements and developments. Whether responsible for packaging design, marketing, product development, industrial packaging, labeling, printing, sustainability, weighing, palletizing, or robotics, Empack Madrid is the annual inspiration hub for industry experts. 


Taking part in packaging conferences and exhibitions presents a wide array of opportunities for professionals in the packaging industry. From networking with peers to gaining insights into new technologies, these events provide a wealth of knowledge and perceptions. By keeping up with the most modern trends and technologies, you can position your business for success in a competitive market.

Matthew Roberts

Matthew Roberts

A guy with wide spheres of interest — from project management to board games and to spicy guitar riffs. Has a solid experience in marketing, creative team management, translation, teaching, and occasional freelancing masochism. Big and bald.
Matthew Roberts

Matthew Roberts

A guy with wide spheres of interest — from project management to board games and to spicy guitar riffs. Has a solid experience in marketing, creative team management, translation, teaching, and occasional freelancing masochism. Big and bald.

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