Approval Studio is free for medical companies and NGO’s during COVID-19 pandemic

With Coronavirus spreading the world, quarantine is being imposed by more and more countries day by day. At the same time, lots of companies have already decided to move to a WFH (work from home) system that allows their employees to stay away from potentially unsafe contacts still keeping the business up.

This is the moment when collaboration tools become a necessity to keep the working pace and not to lose efficiency.

Free offer for medical companies and NGO’s

Approval Studio is a remote collaboration tool created for teams working with designs. We provide a solution for streamlining visual artworks approval process enabling real-time communication between all the parties. Despite the biggest part of our clients are working in the spheres of marketing, advertising, and packaging design, we have a share of medical organizations that use our system to create information bulletins and infographics to spread the important information. Approval Studio has decided to help medical organizations in their intention to spread the news about Coronavirus. We understand how important it is to keep people informed about the disease development tendencies, preventive measures, and steps to take to protect ourselves and our relatives from COVID-19. That is why we decided to give Approval Studio Lite or Pro for free to medical organizations and NGO’s that work in the sphere of informing people about the virus.

To get Approval Studio free license, medical companies should contact our project manager at [email protected] to confirm their participation in the program. No extra steps are required. Free company accounts will be available till the end of May 2020 and might be extended in case of necessity.

Note: We reserve the right to decline your application with or without any reasons.

Remote collaboration for everyone

At the same time, our team is ready to help every company that decided to work remotely during the pandemic to keep their teams safe. Our specialists will help to adjust your business workflow to a work-from-home scheme, making your remote collaboration as efficient as possible using our proofing tool. To be more specific, we can help you with:

  1. Proofing visual artworks and documentation.
  2. Versioning of the files and their AI-powered comparison.
  3. Project management.
  4. Internal team communication.
  5. External client communication.
  6. Provision of comprehensive project reports.

Enabling both external and internal communication, Approval Studio can ensure your employees are able to work remotely and increase their level of protection from the pandemic. If you are working with graphic designs of all kinds and need help with setting up remote collaboration, our team is here to help. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Our team sincerely wishes all of you to stay healthy and be as careful as possible. Avoid overcrowded places, use sanitizers, and don’t forget to wash your hands. And, what is the most important thing, keep your heads up and do not panic.

Cheers and all the best!

Picture of Approval Studio

Approval Studio

Approval Studio team account for publishing release notes and updates.
Picture of Approval Studio

Approval Studio

Approval Studio team account for publishing release notes and updates.

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