Predoctions For Design Trends In 2024

What Design Trends Will Be Popular In 2024?

As the calendar turns to 2024, we again stand on the threshold of new experiences, challenges, and promises of the unknown. Each year that passes is an exciting journey that prepares new impressions, emotions, and new people. Moreover, the latter often enter and disappear from our lives with the speed of a flying breeze. This is an exciting phenomenon, these ebbs and flows of faces and connections, because the people we meet become our most valuable resource and give our journey a special meaning. While some people come and go from our path, leaving a faint impression before disappearing, others have traveled with us from the first chapters and become those without whom we no longer imagine our lives.

New friends and old buddies somewhat resemble new and classy designs. Don’t you see the parallels? As a designer, I do. Let me explain. It’s not a top secret that the creative sphere requires one to be flexible, ready to learn, and constantly keep abreast of the latest developments. Much like the fleeting nature of human connections, each year ushers in many design trends. Some are transient, while others remain timeless classics, shaping the digital landscape and always finding a place in our work. Drawing parallels between the cyclical nature of trends and the people coming and going, it becomes clear that what unites both realms is that something comes and goes while other things stay with us for a long time. But which trends could stay for a while and which ones could be more fleeting in web design this year? Here are my calendar design predictions that can be valuable guides for your creative journey of 2024.



Image by Song Hojong

Image by Song Hojong

Well, let’s start our selection brightly, namely with gradients, which are boldly breaking into industrial trends this year. Although we have been familiar with them for a long time, they are becoming increasingly popular and are often used yearly. In 2018, gradients established themselves with the Instagram logo and are now starting to reveal their full potential. The fact is that gradients are universal. You can use them to liven up a background and give it depth in typography or as an exciting accent. This is a great option to create the illusion of movement while maintaining minimalism. The visual effect of the gradient is so solid and recognizable that it can even become the main element of your brand identity. That is why the gradient is definitely worth your attention. 

AI imagery

Image by Michele Marconi

A fter the appearance of artificial intelligence in the creative sphere, our lives will not be the same as before. But here I am not talking about AI design, only imagery, because it is not supposed to somehow replace the designer, only to significantly facilitate his working environment. All this gives us many options: creation of stunning visual images and vectors like the mind-blowing Text to Vector feature in Adobe Illustrator, optimization of design processes, and have you seen what miracles with background replacement can now be done in Photoshop? Due to the extensive use of AI tools in their work by people and the increasing integration of it with programs, I still want to allocate a place for this trend here. It’s time for web design to enter a new era of creativity, accessibility, and seamless integration of technology into the digital landscape.

Additionally, online proofing software is becoming more and more popular for anyone involved in design. It’s a magic wand for those who want to optimize collaboration and take full advantage of technology. Approval Studio is just what you need, as it offers review tools and everything for project management. 



Image by Ensemble Design Studio

Doodles will probably become popular in 2024; honestly, I’m excited! Often, they remain unnoticed on the pages of our notebooks and sketchbooks, giving way to ideal versions of illustrations, but finally, their time has come. These hand-drawn, often whimsical and spontaneous illustrations can add a touch of human personality to brands. Doodles infuse the design with a sense of individuality as if the artist’s hand is still at work. They serve as an unusual accent and are a reminder that such spontaneity in design can be attractive. Whether used to decorate backgrounds, accompany text, or navigate interfaces, doodles add a touch of creativity to web design, inviting visitors to explore and interact with content in a carefree and memorable way.


Image by Paulo Teixeira

Next is a geometric, simplistic sticker line art that, like the previous prediction, brings informality and fun to the layouts. You have definitely come across these cartoon pictures in the design style inherent in America’s 70s, and I am sure we will see them more often this year. They can be used in an especially cool way in brand identity because these funky illustrations and bright icons successfully convey the emotions and messages of the brand. Together with them, stickers in the same style become an ideal accent in branding. Sticker line art will suit you perfectly if you need to refresh the overall picture and convey some meaning.


Image by Yeye Weller

The return of the good old days, honestly, have you been waiting for this? Here it is, a revival of nostalgic vintage aesthetics that evoke the charm and simplicity of bygone eras. Bright color palettes, bold typography, iconic images from the mid-20th century, and plenty of grainy photography make for a delightful trip back in time. We often see how this style transcends its period boundaries. For example, pixel art is no longer limited to retro video games but is starting to be used in design as a futuristic element. Admittedly, using large rather than small pixels resulted in a fantastic aesthetic (although I’m still a fan of pixel art). This trend celebrates the enduring appeal of retro design and its combination with modernity.


Image by Monga Design

While traditional design screams: “Less is more,” maximalism believes “more is more.” And once again, we touch on the retro theme (this year, there may be a lot of it). To be honest, the success of such popular brands as the Stranger Things series and the admiration for its aesthetics, which became the impetus for the popularity of this trend, was not without influence here. In a digital landscape often characterized by restraint, the trend toward maximalism infuses energy and individuality into web design, challenging convention. It will be great for those working with a young audience because it symbolizes going beyond minimalism, and young people will like the aesthetics of excess. With bold color combinations, layered images, prominent typography and repetitive motifs, this style will surely grab their attention.

Modern natural 

Image by Maciek Miloch

Modern Natural goes beyond the simple choice of environmentally friendly materials; it fills the design with a deep connection with nature. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of soothing greens, earthy browns, light yellows, and exciting textures, as inspiration is drawn directly from the organic beauty of our world. But this trend is not only about inspiration but also about the desire of brands to demonstrate their position and the use of natural ingredients in their products. In an age where people are increasingly aware of their role in global warming and consumer behavior, it is more than logical that creators would widely use this aesthetic style.


Image by Maddie Nieman

Now it’s time to remember the famous phrase from every customer every: “Let’s play with fonts…” well, I won’t stress you out like that and will just inform you that my divine sense says that serif fonts will become the favorites of designers in 2024, moving to the side of sans fonts. Oh yes, the serifs are back. Not that they disappeared, but all these years, we preferred simplicity in text, and the time has come when we got tired of it. I agree that it is difficult for brands to stand out in simple lines if absolutely everyone has them, and that is why serifs become the golden key for those who want to show their individuality. So, if you are ready to experiment with typography, welcome.

3d elements

Image by Samuel Briskar

3D design in 2024 does not spare turnovers. Certainly, all these three-dimensional elements look wow and give projects depth and realism, but this is not the point. Accessibility in its execution has increased significantly. A beautiful picture: YouTube, me, a video on how to model a donut in Blender and my futile dreams of learning to do at least something in 3D. Years ago, creating even a simple 3D element was reserved for experienced 3D designers with professional software. However, Adobe and other innovators have simplified 3D design, making it accessible to a wider audience. From small elements for use in mockups to full-scale 3D masterpieces, this style is starting to reach its potential and will continue to evolve and innovate. 


Image by Wevoke

In 2023, the movement trend in design captivated users with dynamic animations and interactive elements. With the development of technology, it is becoming easier for us to create high-quality moving images suitable for outdoor and indoor relays. Companies no longer need a million-dollar budget to showcase their brand in motion. Even the simplest animated GIFs on social media can add a playful and vibrant vibe to your brand. When it comes to more complex elements, the parallax effect immediately comes to mind, which breathes life into websites, attracting visitors and enhancing their viewing experience. With animated backgrounds, scrolling effects, or interactive elements, motion transforms static web pages into vibrant experiences that delight your audience.

Bento layout

Image by Ronald Olsen 

In 2024, the Bento Grid trend emerged as a fresh and innovative approach to web design layout that draws inspiration from the traditional Japanese bento box. The designers use a grid system that organizes content into neatly compartmentalized sections, similar to the compartments of a bento box, creating a visually pleasing and structured layout. This grid structure makes efficient use of space, allowing designers to showcase a variety of content types while maintaining clarity and hierarchy. It is perfect for demonstrating features and services already used by Apple. With clean lines and balanced proportions, the Bento Grid trend offers a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality, providing users with a smooth and intuitive viewing experience.


Image by Ren Ren

Utilitarian design is about functionality. This trend eschews unnecessary embellishments and distractions in favor of practicality, ensuring that every element serves a purpose and enhances usability. With an emphasis on accessibility and utility, utilitarian design aims to be efficient and meet user needs, promoting trust and satisfaction. This trend is somewhat paradoxical because it’s all about the fact that I don’t care too much about aesthetics, but when done right, it’s really fantastic, lovely, and unique. In a digital landscape full of information and stimuli, utilitarian design provides a refreshing clarity and pragmatism, allowing users to complete their tasks with ease and confidence.


This concludes my predictions, and this year will be exciting. Many trends can get a new life, reveal a lot of unused potential, or once again show that they are not in vain for a long time at the top in this field. In any case, I hope this article was helpful to you, and among these trends, you will find those who can become reliable friends on your creative path and not just disappear after a year.


Picture of Aalex


Aalex is a girl whose creative potential began manifesting in Minecraft and later moved to the creative industry. She is keen on music and books by Stephen King, but most of all, she admires beautiful designs and will do everything to make you happy with them, too.
Picture of Aalex


Aalex is a girl whose creative potential began manifesting in Minecraft and later moved to the creative industry. She is keen on music and books by Stephen King, but most of all, she admires beautiful designs and will do everything to make you happy with them, too.

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