Project build-up

Do not limit yourself to only one review file format

Use 23+ file extensions in your design review workflow and proof any file that is important for your project — from standard visuals and Adobe formats to MS Office files and videos.

Graphic file formats

Approval Studio allows users to upload and proof various types of files, among which there are all standard graphic formats — .tiff .jpeg .gif .bmp .png .ai.

Documents and MS Office

Besides that, our proofing software works with PDFs, MS and Open Office extensions, and various other text and document formats. — .pdf .docx .xls .xlsx .pptx .ppt .ppsx .pps .pot .potx .dotx .dot .rtf .txt .htm/.html .odt .ods.

Video review

Specifically for companies relying on video products and video content, we have developed a video review tool that is currently available in BETA version and supports .mp4 video format.

Review All-In-One

You can work with multiple file formats within one project and review them separately without any problems.

Attach Any Formats

In the review tool comments and reference files, there are no restrictions on file extensions that you can attach.

Highest Quality

We do not descale or decrease the quality of any file format that you are uploading into the system.

PDF layers

Opening PDF files that have layers in the Approval Studio review tool, you can load each layer separately.


The system will show you all layers that the file has in the dropdown, and you will be able to review each layer on its own.


The annotations you add will be applied to the file as a whole and will be visible whenever you switch to any other layer.

Video review

Our video proofing tool allows you to annotate the exact area of the frame at the specific moment of the video and then find the annotation later on the slider down to the millisecond that was marked.



The video player also can change the speed of the playback so that you do not miss even the tiniest details during your video review.



As well as a regular design proofing tool, video review allows users to upload multiple versions of their file and discuss them in comments


24 standard

file formats

Works with MS and Open Office formats

Ability to check 

the layers on PDFs


video review tool

Expand your file formats arsenal and review possibilities now.