How to Build a High-Performance Creative Team

7 ways to build a high performance creative team

Hey-ho, my friends! Slurping hot steamy coffee and listening to the old good Blitzkrieg Bop by Ramones playing in my headphones (wow, a rhyme!), I somehow decided I wanted to share with you more insights on teamwork.

12 Effective Strategies to Improve Teamwork in the Workplace

Do you like steampunk? I love steampunk. All this around-industrial-revolution thingy has a sort of special dusty taste and “ticking” charm to it, reminding me of grandfather’s old pocket watch with a chain, of a railroad, and of cylinder hats worn by well-respected gentlemen in traditional British pubs.

How to Build a Successful In-House Creative Team?


Howdy! Have you ever heard about such a thing as an in-house creative team? I bet you have – they are some sort of a trend nowadays among many companies. Why are they becoming more and more widespread?

8 Fantastic Affordable Tools for Design Collaboration

What is the most important in managing design workflow? To make the collaboration process smoother and more organized. Quite often, relying solely on human factor, we cannot gain the results we need, and it makes our collaboration suffer.

14 Reddit “Must Subscribe” Communities for Designers

Spending half a day on Reddit from time to time is the second-best thing next to losing yourself to YouTube recommendations string. Once you’re there – you’re stuck and there’s almost certainly no way out. Unless… you make it relate to work!

What is the best collaboration tool for UX\UI designers?


Today, we are talking to Andrii Horbachov and Dmytriy Kravchenko – the co-founders of Brave Wings digital bureau, UX\UI specialists from Ukraine. These guys have truly remarkable works in their portfolio, some of them can be found on Dribble, other projects cannot be shared in free access, due to contract restrictions, but believe me, they […]