We keep on adding UI languages to our review tool and this time, due to help of our influencers we added Hebrew interface to Approval Studio. Many thanks to Approval Studio users from Israel, you are breathtaking!

The You're-Breathtaking! artwork
  • We also added a lot of new features for our Approval Studio Pro users.
  • Reference documents can now be sent from Approval Studio to any internal or external users. It doesn’t matter what the file size is, you can be sure that the file was really sent. This action will be saved in Timeline.
  • Reference documents now support a wider range of file types, we have added support of the most popular archives, such as .zip, .rar, .7z.
  • Warning messages will pop up when you try to delete reference documents so that you can’t delete the file by mistake.
  • We have added drag-and-drop of bulk files to Assets and Reference Documents tab. No more aiming at the button, just drag and drop the files you need to the corresponding tab of the project.
  • View All button was added to Pro version assets tab, you don’t need to generate the tasks to view all the files in the project.
  • Outdated icons, such as “allow files download” or “Fullscreen” were removed from interface.
  • Minor bugs were fixed.

Thanks everyone who’s helping us to improve Approval Studio with each release. Don’t hesitate to contact our team with your suggesting and ides on what else can be done to make Approval Studio even better.

Approval Studio team is working on a fantastic feature requested by multiple users – adding a video files reviewer. The prototype is ready, we are polishing the interface now and want you to help us with it.

Book Approval Studio demo of Video Review Tool here, tell us what you think, and get 1 month of free Approval Studio subscription.


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