Our team researches the possibility to reduce the operational costs for design and creative teams. As the outcome of our research, we intend to release the artwork review and approval process automation solution.

Approval Studio is a collaboration tool built on years of research and experience of our team. We have studied the problem of communication between designers and customers for a very long time and put in a lot of effort to improve the sphere. We want to continue the development of our app to make it as convenient and efficient as possible, and that is why we need a little help from you, friends!

We know that SMBs and freelancers experience different problems and have different needs. It’s important for us to understand how we can help you to reduce your operational costs. It would be a great help if you share with us your experience in building communication with the customers.

3-minute survey

We appreciate any suggestions and information you submit to us – it will help make our online design review tool Approval Studio better and reach new heights together with our customers.

Thank you a lot and have the greatest day ever!

Approval Studio team account for publishing release notes and updates.

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