Hello and please welcome the new interface theme called “Color burst” that brings holiday spirit to Approval Studio. Christmas is just around the corner so here’s our small present to you!

You can always switch back to the old theme from the Settings screen.
You can now create your own e-mail template for external users. Go to the Settings screen to customize your invitation for review.

Approval Studio PRO users can now link reference documents from cloud storages to the projects. Hit the “Add Link” button, enter the URL and have it saved. Everything is in one place.

Traditionally, we keep on improving the key features of our review tool. This time we have optimized CMYK images processing and improved drag-and-drop feature for images and reference documents and increased overall system speed.

We want to say thanks to all the Approval Studio contributors – people, who help us to make Approval Studio even better.

This is the final release for the year 2019. However, we do not stop working on Approval Studio and promise to add more interesting features in 2020.

Contact our support team to add your ideas to our roadmap of 2020!

Happy Holidays!

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