Hello and Happy New Year to you all! We truly hope you had a wonderful holiday and had enough rest. In the meantime, we’ve prepared a new version of our tool for you that cointains the new interface language – French.

Approval Studio is now available in English, French, German, Hebrew, Polish, Spanish and Ukrainian. Let us know what language we should add next!

Also, the new version brought the new notifications for Pro users. Project owners will be immediately notified about the completed tasks.

We have also added the new notifications settings for new annotations. Now you can choose how often you will get these notifications – once a day, every hour or every 10 minutes.

The notifications became even more informative with the new fields added.
With this release, we start closed beta testing of our new Review tool. After the beta phase is over, the updated Review tool will be available to everyone.

Let us know what new features you would like us to add to Approval Studio and stay tuned, as the next release will bring more features you so wanted to see in our review tool.

Cheers! We wish you the happiest and most wonderful year ever!

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