Hello. The new version of Approval Studio is online!

This time we paid special attention to the user interface and decided to improve Approval Studio design. We focused on the simplicity and comfort of use that is quite essential in UI. New login screen, new project pop-ups, new icons – we hope you like the new look!

However, we did not forget about some new functionality as well. Please welcome – PDF layers!

This is a new feature available upon request that allows you to work with multilayers and see each layer separately. Contact our support team to have a demo or to have layers turned on for you.

We also would like to tell you about our plans for the future. Intriguing? It should be as we are working on a variety of features to keep our design approval software up-to-date and efficient. The first one (and by far the most requested) is integration with Adobe. Next on the agenda is video proofing. This one is quite challenging as we would move into the whole another spectrum of files. To finish it off, Approval Studio will now have an SSO, that enables single sign-on. We cannot wait to present them to you!

Want to have more features? Share your thoughts on how to improve Approval Studio with us. Interestingly enough, most of our new features are actually suggestions from the users. Let us know what you think is valuable and what needs improvement. We appreciate every response.

Have a great one!

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