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Thank you for showing your interest in Approval Studio!


Approval Studio is an online proofing tool created to resolve communication issues between designers and creative agencies on one side and their clients on the other. Quite often it happens so that the feedback to the artworks is lost somewhere – in the endless email threads, under a pile of messages in the chat, and etc. Approval Studio aims to fix that problem by having everything kept in one place, and that is why we do want to hear from you.


We have been working on our review tool for quite a while and continue to do so day by day. Our development team together with all the managers constantly improve the app based on our own ideas as well as the suggestions from our customers. We would very much appreciate any feedback that you can provide. In our field of work, ideas have the biggest influence on the working process, and we do not want to lose a single one!


We contact prominent designers of the industry regularly and carry out researches to learn more about the workflow problems of modern creative teams. Our review tool is the product of constant cooperation with our users, and we do hope that it will help you to solve collaboration issues that happen in the industry on a daily basis. We also arrange free personal demo sessions for our potential customers and are always glad to answer any questions, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have some!


Altogether, we encourage you to let us know if you need any help or have propositions that might help us improve Approval Studio. Please enter your name, email, and any additional information that you find useful. Our account manager will contact you shortly afterwards and will gladly discuss everything with you.


Thank you again and cheers!