Five Signs Your Team Needs Online Proofing
Five Signs Your Team Needs Online Proofing

Five Signs Your Team Needs Online Proofing

Extension of digital marketing channels has rapidly enhanced the need for marketing teams and their services. However, the time given on completing the task has extremely decreased. Consequently, marketing people need to deliver the same quality content but in less time.

The reality of on-time project delivery

Every step they take, every mockup created needs to be approved by the client and that is another black hole that drains the project time.
Recognizing this fact, marketing teams try to optimize their business processes to shorten the time for each project phase without losing the quality. At some point, they recognize that the proofing phase can be optimized as well and look for the best solutions to decrease the valuable time spent on it.

Did you know, that the most widespread ways of approving the artwork are emails or printed files? Not surprised? We did out homework and found out that more than ¾ of marketers do not use any software in their review process, only emails. The most wide-spread ways of approving the artwork are emails or printed files and, surprisingly, they are still used today.
Having made research on our topic, we discovered that more than ¾ of marketers do not use any software but emails. And each time you create the first mockup or confirm the release file, you need to approve it before.

So, to decrease the amount of valuable time spent, a person tries to find a good proofing solution.

If that sounds familiar, if you are one of those ¾, stay with us, and you may find some familiar problems and later – solutions. We have gathered the top 5 indicators that need to implement online proofing into your business process.

We can easily point out ‘Missed deadlines as the main reason to buy online proofing software. However, we will dig deeper and find the origins of those missed deadlines. Let’s take a look.

Lack of feedback from stakeholders

Project managers and designers keep the project neat and reviewing process up to date only when they receive quick and argumentative feedback on time. This is what improves and fastens collaboration between you and your client. Usual daily email load for an average specialist is 120 letters and this makes complicated to reach sufficient work rate. How can people deal with such an amount of letters where comments can be duplicated, edited, or contradict the previous one?

You do not have that issue? Congrats, you’re a lucky guy! But what about the quality of feedback?

Too much ambiguous and ineffective feedback

Ineffective feedback

Dear client, how to waste time, money, and slow down the project? Just leave vague feedback, receive a letter with a request to clarify it, send a new one with a detailed (according to you) reply. This will kill much time of your marketing guys.

How can online proofing help the team to improve the process of collecting quality feedback?

Proofing software is designed to save your time in every aspect of the review even on extra clicks. Online proofing tools have comments ON artworks (point the place & write the comment), and a possibility to engage multiple people at the same time. Basically, multiple people point with their fingers on a place, tell you what the think about it, and you hear everyone, and you will not forget what they say, as the proofing tool records everything for you. Now you have precise comments.
Let’s move on…

Version sprawl

Feedbacks generate extra file versions, that should not even exist. But even the precise change request lead to the new mockups, new file versions that you need to keep track of. It might become a real headache to find the needed file version or to go a few steps back, or simply to get them all ready before the final revision – you get to version sprawl.

How proofing software can help to avoid version sprawl?

Online proofing tools not only provide quality feedbacks but also catalog and version your artworks. Everything is one place, no need to browse through all the folders on your computer. In addition, some proofing software provides the comparison tools that help to track all the changes made to the mockup during the project. Everything is automatic, you no longer need to spend your time managing your files manually.
Unclear or inconsistent feedbacks and numerous file versions can greatly impact the success of the project and meeting deadlines. But what if you need to re-do the task after you have completed everything on time?

Compliance is an everyday requirement

Nowadays, marketing content is frequently restricted by compliance requirements. These can be internal and external and can include, but not be limited to the following:

  1. Brand compliance
  2. Disclosures
  3. Comparative claims
  4. Special offers
  5. Substantiation
  6. Sweepstakes and contests
  7. Marketing to children
  8. Collection and use of marketing data

The risks of noncompliance can be vital – lost of customer’s trust, financial penalties, and personal rating within the industry.
This isn’t only about getting the right people invited to the process, but also requires proof-positive information on the review for these materials.

How online proofing systems can help teams to achieve marketing compliance?

An effective online proofing software can help marketing teams to protect their proofing and review processes. Firstly, all comments and annotations are saved and well-protected, structured by file version and can always be retrieved by the specific report. Secondly, every person, associated with specific projects, is notified regularly about all new feedbacks and the progress can be also tracked with the help of automatic system reports. Also, many online proofing tools support role-based control, which can limit permissions a particular employee has.

The majority of the problems mentioned above described the internal processes and how the proofing tools can improve them. But what about external communication?

Lack of Coordination with External Teams

Remote Team Coordination

I am sure you have faced many situations when, for example, you use Slack to communicate but your client uses Skype. Or your project management tool is Basecamp and client is on Asana. These situations may cause a problem in coordination with a client and this slows the progress down.

If you add more participants to the process, it is crucial to erase the borders in communication and coordination. In other cases, you are planning to fail. When we are talking about online proofing, you will need to ensure that everyone is reviewing the same file and receiving the same information.

How online proofing can help to improve the process of coordination and proofing with external teams?

When working with external teams, online proofing tools help project managers to make sure participant of the process are using the same environment and get the same information when reviewing files. By having a common tool when collaborating with an external team you can stay on one ant the same page disregarding the differences in your infrastructures, time zones, and locations. You all will get the needed information, precise feedbacks, and consistent comments.

To conclude, if the problems mentioned above are familiar to you and, sometimes, cause the missed deadlines, you need to consider implementing an online proofing tool into your business process. The remuneration of such a stunt will be on time project deliveries and consistent feedbacks, leaving behind the version scrawl, non-compliance, and miscommunication with external teams. Do not hesitate to improve your working processes.

Taras Talimonchuk

Taras Talimonchuk

Growth marketing Jedi at Approval Studio.
Taras Talimonchuk

Taras Talimonchuk

Growth marketing Jedi at Approval Studio.

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