06/06/2019 we have updated Approval Studio and added multi-language interface so that you could collaborate with international partners without any language barrier.

We are planning to add a new language each release, this time it is Ukrainian.

Starting from this Eastern European country we are planning to move to the West, so the next language according to the roadmap is Polish.

We will appreciate any help with the translation of Approval Studio, so feel free to reach out to us with help and requests to add your language next.

Keep in mind, that you can switch Approval Studio language at any moment, and it will influence your personal account only. Therefore, being members of one and the same company, Approval Studio users might have different language preferences.

We have also fixed some issues, such as:

  • Not being able to invite a new user to a company account.
  • Compare button is available when only one file\version is reviewed.
  • External users are able to add annotations to assets of completed projects.

Traditionally, we are waiting for your feedback and improvement ideas in our chat or via email.
Also, feel free to request a personal demo session.

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