The new version of Approval Studio has been released on 07/30/2019!

Here’s what changed this time:

  • We have added a new language, this time it’s Polish. The next localization wave will bring us German!
  • Don’t forget, that language setting is individual for each user,so all the internal or external users can select the best language for them.
  • We have also fixed a number of bugs associated with the new languages added.
  • A bug preventing completed and archived projects from opening was fixed.
  • Approval Studio Pro – fixed issue with buttons overlapping.
  • Bulk upload feature was added:

Hold Ctrl button and select multiple files to upload them at once – bulk upload is working for “Upload File” and “Upload Another file” buttons.
We have increased the speed of images processing, and overall review tool performance.
Sign up page was redesigned.

Traditionally, we want to thank everyone who contributed in Approval Studio becoming better.

We appreciate all the ideas on how to make Approval Studio the best productivity tool for designers and marketing specialists.

Reach out to us at [email protected] to send us your feedback and stay tuned for new features, we have something special for you in our development lab.

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