Hi everyone! A new version of Approval Studio is online! Usually, we enumerate all the new changes we bring with the release, but not this time.

We have many new things cooking in our kitchen, but before we release them, a lot of preparations should be made. So, this month we focused on some background changes you might not notice until we start shooting the features out.

We want to say thank you to all those people who not only use Approval Studio daily but also keep the communication alive and tell us how we can get better. Don’t hesitate to become one of our active contributors – contact our support team and share what new features you would like to see in the new Approval Studio version. Click the Chat button – tell us what you want – enjoy the new features almost every month.

In this release, we have also fixed some minor bugs that the vast majority of our users didn’t know about. We have also started Dashboard optimization, which should increase the speed of the system. This is just the first step in this direction. With the next release, you will enjoy the true lightning-fast interface. It’s like a new iPhone – each new version is even faster.
If you are a new user, contact our team to have your free online demo session to see what features we have at the moment and get a quick preview of things that are in development. No commitments. The demo session is the fastest way to get the whole picture of what Approval Studio is capable of.


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