Congrats, the new October 2021 version of Approval Studio is online!

This time, we concentrated on the New Dashboard and added all the missing features for the Pro version users. We have added the Project Discussion tab, Asset Comments, and Project timeline. The new Dashboard is ready to become the primary one for our users. We are one step closer to the old design elimination. In the next release, we will add the language selector and notification center that will allow us to switch all the users to the New Dashboard.

If you notice any issues with the new interface, don’t hesitate to report the problem to our Client Support team. They are open 24/7 to hear from you. In this release, we have fixed a couple of bugs reported by the PRO version users, such as “slipping due date,” issues with remembering new clients’ emails, and missing error messages. A huge thank you goes to all the users who keep the communication alive and help us to discover all the bugs!

Despite paying our attention mostly to the New Dashboard, we haven’t forgotten about the new features as well. First of all, we have added the “Download Project” button (for the old Dashboard only). With one click, you will download the entire history of the project – all assets, proof reports, and the timeline. Another new feature is the Company message system that allows company admins to send out notifications from the Company Management screen to the entire team. This is an easy way to send updates and announcements to your team without leaving the system. Both features are available in the Lite and Pro versions free of charge.

Meanwhile, we continue working on improvements for Approval Studio, and in the next release, we will introduce the new mailing options: Approval Studio system will be able to send out the notifications from your company email address. If you are interested in trying the new mailing options, contact our support team to be the first to know when this feature is released.

Traditionally, we want to say thank you to all the users who share their ideas about the new features for Approval Studio. Don’t be a stranger, contact our support team with your thoughts and wishes. Help us to make Approval Studio an ideal review tool for your team.


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