Congrats! The new version of Approval Studio is online!

The November release of our review system brings a long-awaited feature – a custom email address for system emails. If you want Approval Studio to send email invitations to your clients on behalf of your corporate email, contact our customer support, and we will set this feature up for you.

Also, we’ve made lots of changes to our New Dashboard design.

First of all, we have added the Dark theme. You can switch between light and dark themes in the right upper corner of the New Dashboard. Plus, we have added the custom background and custom company logo. Beloved features from the old dashboard are now available in the new design as well. For our PRO version users, we have added an Internal review button to the quick access menu. The project name is now available from any project tab to quickly identify the project if you are working in multiple browser windows.

The New Dashboard also received the language changer, messaging board, Slack integration button, and download project feature. With all that done, we are ready to turn off the old dashboard and completely switch to the new design. Our next steps will be to redesign the settings screen and “Completed” section.

Traditionally, we want to say thank you to all the users who help us to improve Approval Studio. Thank you for your bug reports. Thank you for the new ideas and the new features you offer. It’s very important for us to have live communication with our users, to know what else we can do to make your professional lives easier. So don’t be strangers, contact our client support, schedule personal meetings, send us your feedback about our review system.


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