November Approval Studio update is online!

While you are getting ready for Black Friday, the new version of Approval Studio was delivered to you for free! Although, if you want a discount for your new subscription, just contact our support team with a promo code “AndrewSaysDiscount.”

As for the new features, we have some as well.

First of all, we increased the speed of our Review Tool opening. We felt it was kind of slowing us down. The new version makes the review tool open 5 times faster!!! (It’s like a new iPhone presentation). But this is not the only change we brought to the review tool. We improved the ruler so that you could measure objects on the image. We added file information (size, dimensions, color scheme, etc.). Another new feature that was introduced is the logging of annotations resolution. Sounds complicated? In other words, the system will remember who and when resolves the annotations and will show this information in both — audit trail and the Proof report.

As for the Proof report, it was changed a bit as well. We added another customization feature — your company logo will now appear on the Proof report as well. So, the next time you generate the report for your customers, they will see your company logo. And guess what? No extra charge.

The last change was done to the Approve button. When you review multiple documents, you can now see Approve All option. Now your clients know that by hitting this button, they will approve all the files.

There were also a few minor changes in fixing the spelling here and there. Though, if you didn’t notice the mistakes, you might overlook these corrections as well 🙂

Traditionally, thank you for all your request and suggestions. Let’s keep the communication alive!

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