Approval Studio July update is online! It’s been a hot summer, but our team didn’t rush to the ocean to spend hot days with Mai Tai. We’ve been working hard to get you some new functionality.

This time, Approval Studio PRO users will get the brand-new project discussion panel. You are still working on the project brief? You need everyone’s green light before you begin working on the mock-up? Approval Studio now allows you to start the communication even before the first artwork is uploaded. Feel free to start a team discussion at any moment and invite your colleagues by mentioning them.

Try it today and let us know what you think about the new feature!

Of course, the project discussion tab was not the only thing we’ve been working on. We fixed numerous minor bugs, some cosmetic mistakes, and typos. Thanks to everyone who notices the smallest things and reports their findings to our support team.

You might think that this update is relatively small, but that’s not true. We are working on something big for you, something that will totally change your Approval Studio experience. We’ve made lots of preparations, so you will see our mind-blowing changes very soon. Stay tuned for more new features in your favorite online review tool – Approval Studio!

Also, don’t hesitate to let us know what else you would like us to add. You asked for Adobe Plug-in for Photoshop and Illustrator – done. You want Approval Studio plug-in for InDesign – we are working on it.

Don’t be shy, contact our support team and ask for more!

Approval Studio team account for publishing release notes and updates.

Ready to get started?

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