The new version of Approval Studio is online! This is the first release of 2021, and we decided to concentrate on making things better in this version.

In the previous release, we introduced user groups to our Pro and Enterprise users, offering an ability to assign tasks to multiple users with one click. This time, we added a small but very useful addon to this functionality by adding AND\OR rules. Using these options, you can decide whether all the users from the group should review the file or one decision from the team is enough. Thanks for sending us this suggestion! We have also added more calls to our API module, making it even more useful. Just a reminder, Approval Studio API is available to PRO and Enterprise users only.

Another improvement is an update of our password protection procedure for external users. Sending an invitation to review a file to an external user, the system will alert the reviewer that the password is necessary to access the file. However, the password will not be sent to the user via the Approval Studio system – the project owner will need to send the password separately. If you forget the password, you can find it in the project timeline. That improvement was also an idea provided by our users.

We have also improved our newly introduced Video Review tool. The annotations on videos are more precise and easier to create. The controls became more convenient. The Video Review Tool is still in the BETA phase, so feel free to try it and send us your suggestions on what you want to see in there in new releases.

Of course, in this release, we fixed some bugs. For example, we didn’t notice that Slack integration went crazy, and Approval Studio was sending duplicate notifications when reviewing documents with multiple pages. We fixed that issue. Also, we fixed the problem with external reviewers not being able to remove their annotations. We thank all those users sending us bug reports – we appreciate your help and do our best to fix the problems as soon as possible.

Traditionally, I want to remind you that our team is eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how we can improve Approval Studio and make it even better. You know that our client support team is open 24/7 to help you, and you can always book a free demo session or online training.

Have a good one!

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