The new version of Approval Studio is online!

And I should tell you, the August Approval Studio update is a huge one! Usually, we concentrate on the new features that some users are waiting for, and some don’t even notice. But this time, you won’t miss the novelties since we’ve concentrated not on the features but paid special attention to Approval Studio look!

Please welcome the Approval Studio design update of 2021! We introduce the new Dashboard that will be available together with the Legacy one. The updated Dashboard is still in the beta phase, so we will appreciate all the bug reports. The lite version functionality is 90% ready, we still need to add the timeline. The Pro version functionality is only 50% done, but don’t worry, you can still access all the existing features through the Legacy Dashboard. Step by step, we will add all the existing features to the new look and will fix the bugs, if there are any. (Of course, there are a lot of them! We need your help to find and squish them). But the new look is not only about the design but has a great filter system that allows you to set up the project’s view as you like.

Do you think we forgot about the new features? Wrong! We introduce the online presence in the review tool. Now, having the review session opened, you will see who else is working on the asset in real-time. In the right upper corner, you’ll see the external and internal users who are reviewing the asset at the moment. We have also added additional notification settings for the Pro version project discussion mode. Users can now choose if they want to receive notifications when they are mentioned during the project discussion.

As you can see, we have added a lot of new stuff, but now we need your help to test everything and find all the minor issues. Don’t hesitate to contact our support team with your bug reports or suggestions on how to improve Approval Studio.


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