The new version of Approval Studio has been released on March 27th, 2019.

Added: Annotations notification & External users address book

In details:

  • The latest update of Approval Studio has brought about new annotations and approval\rejections of the Asset. Starting from 03/27/2019 you will receive an email once the new annotation was added to an asset or the artwork has been approved or rejected.
  • We have also update account settings page, so you can turn off\turn on notifications. BY DEFAULT, these notifications are turned on for all new and existing users, though you can easily turn them off the account settings. Keep in mind, that you can change the notification settings on personal account level only, none of the settings can be managed on the company level.

you can turn off\turn on notifications

  • Another new feature is external users address book. Approval Studio will remember all the external users you invite for review and will suggest this address next time, when you start entering the email.

Note. Google Chrome browser might cover the suggestions list by its automatic prefill.

Share pop-up was redesigned to make it more comfortable. Extra settings are hidden in advanced section not to distract you, when they aren’t needed. Just hit Advanced link to see them.

As usual, we want to thank everyone who shared the ideas on how to improve Approval Studio and make it the best proofing tool. This time our special thanks go to Bill!

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