Congratulations! The first major Approval Studio upgrade of 2020 has been released!

We introduce Approval Studio Review Tool v2.0 (available upon request, contact support to get it).

  • Review tool v2.0 supports mobile devices, making the process of graphic file reviews on mobile phones more comfortable than ever.
  • The pages with the annotations are now highlighted, so you don’t need to go through every page or file version to find a new annotation.
  • The overall interface of Review tool v2.0 is not only simpler and more straightforward but also much faster than the previous version.
  • We have simplified the access of external users via quick URL.
  • Contact our support team to get switched to Review tool v2.0

Among other changes:

  • We have added a custom Approval disclaimer. You may now require your customers to accept terms and conditions while approving the design.
  • Lite users get a shortcut to try the Pro version for free.
  • Multiple email invitations for external users were added to the Sharing menu of the review tool.
  • Personal time zone settings were added to the system, you can adjust your profile to see the timeline in your own time zone.
  • Subscription status was added to the company profile. You can now see when your trial period ends or when the new billing cycle begins.
  • Hebrew font in the review tool was changed to Arial.
  • Overall system speed was increased. Minor localization bugs were fixed.
  • Thanks to everyone who helped us make Approval Studio better, suggesting their improvements. Never hesitate to contact our team to offer what else needs to be added or changed for Approval Studio to become the best review tool.


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